Get your outside space ready for spring!


Ah spring time. The nights get longer and warmer, and everyone is itching to get outside again. We've gathered some Sugru Mouldable Glue ideas to get your garden, patio or balcony ready for this wonderful season.

Enjoy spring evenings outside, even after dark

garden ready for spring

Picture this: sitting outdoors with a drink at dusk, surround by the soft glow of string lights gently swaying in the breeze as the evening creeps it’s way to darkness. Does this sound like one of those unforgettable holiday moments, one that you recall from time to time and would love to relive?

Well now that Spring has arrived, how about recreating that feeling in your own garden? Cheap string lights could be the missing ingredient to help transform your space into a calm oasis that you will relish sitting in.

This gorgeous and super simple idea changes everything — installing lights has never been this easy!

Make gorgeous copper vases with added magnets!

Copper is enjoying a resurgence in home decor at the moment and this project is a crafty way to inject some of this gorgeous aesthetic into your garden (via your local DIY store). Instantly updates any outdoor space adds a wonderful decorative feature to tie it all in. Check out how to make a hanging copper vase. 

Bring the music outside with you!


Listen to music whilst you're gardening or step up your game when hosting your next alfresco party by improving your speaker with some Sugru and magnets. It can really bring your outdoor space to life! Check out the page: Hang your speakers anywhere with Sugru and you'll have your speakers hanging from your tent or on your beach umbrella in no time! Sweet.  

Alternatively, you can make a handy tablet holder to keep it safe from spillage or getting trampled on. "My wife and I live on the bleeding edge of technology rainbow ;) — take our music situation... Spotify on the iPad; iPad in the garden and JamBox amidst the tomato plants, billowing out playlists as we Instagram ourselves high-fiving one another. Fancy. But something was missing. We didn't have anywhere groovy (and secure) to put the iPad."

Andy Whitlock used Sugru to create a hanging dock for his tablet outside, using Sugru bumpers to create a safe and cushioned dock.

Make a DIY no-drill trellis


Do you adore climbing plants but don't want to drill into your outdoor facade or spend loads of money on expensive panels? Try our DIY, no-drill trellis! It's perfect for any outdoor space, big or small. Watch how to attach a garden trellis without drilling here.