How to mount a bike light to an aerodynamic bike frame


  • See.Sense bike light kit
  • A small glass of soapy water (you can use cling film instead)
  • Toilet paper
  • Aerodynamic seat post
  • 1 single-use pack of Sugru

Step 1

Sugru being applied to back of see.sense light

Open your single-use pack of Sugru and form it into a sausage (that's the technical term!)

Press your Sugru sausage onto the back of the light.

Step 2

Sugru stuck to the back of the see.sense light

Ensure that the Sugru has a good bond into the recession on the back of the light.

Make sure a little more Sugru at the top of the light.

Step 3

soapy water being applied to the bike's seat post

Rub a little soapy water on the part of the seat post you will be moulding the light to.

The soapy water acts as a release agent for the Sugru, so that the Sugru doesn't stick to the post!

* You can use cling film here instead. Just wrap a piece around the seatpost, to stop the Sugru sticking.

Step 4

The see.sense light being applied to the seat post, with sugru

Press the See.Sense bike light firmly into the seat post. Watch with wonder as the Sugru squishes to take the form of the aero post.

Step 5

overflow sugru is pressed back into place

Press in any Sugru that comes out of the sides.

Step 6

see.sense light removed from bike, Sugru now moulded to shape

Remove the bike light gently. It will now be moulded to the shape of the post.

* The soapy water on the post will enable the Sugru to come away cleanly.

Step 7

Moulded Sugru cured in shape on see.sense light.

Leave your Sugru + bike light to set for 12-24 hours.

Ensure the Sugru is not touching any other surfaces (as the Sugru will want to stick to that too!)

Step 8

Bike seat post wiped clean with toilet paper.

Don't forget to wipe the seat post clean with some toilet paper.

Step 9

see.sense light ready to use on bike seat post.

Ta-dah! In 12-24 hours your light will be ready to use!