How to make a reading light for your tent

This is a simple yet genius idea for all you outdoor types — whether you're heading into the countryside for the weekend, off to a festival or setting up camp for your kids in the back garden. Using Sugru Mouldable Glue + magnets you can keep the most essential piece of your kit (your torch!) right where you need it.

Watch the video to find out how easy it is:

Sugru + magnets let you attach anything to anything, so this idea can be used to make any torch magnetic! Plus it's versatile so you can adapt this idea and defy gravity at home or in the garden too!

But be warned: this is seriously addictive :D

You’ll only need one single-use pack of Sugru for this project.

Step 1

Open your single-use packet and divide the Sugru in 2.

Step 2

Attach the first piece of Sugru to a magnet, and then attach this to the end of your torch.

Tip: We used a bottle top for this next part, but you can use anything made of ferrous metal! Try a washer or if you're in UK 2p coins work great!

Step 3

Attach the second piece of Sugru to the bottle top and embed your piece of string.

In 12-24 hours, you'll be ready to use your new magnetic torch in the wild!

Once you start using Sugru + magnets, you'll start to wonder why everything isn't magnetic! 

1. Add a soft touch to your tent pegs

If you're getting ready to go camping you could add Sugru pads to the top of your tent pegs like Cay from the UK did, making them comfortable and easy to push into firm summer ground.

2. Patch up your boots

Soggy toes during a camping expedition, whilst wearing your only pair of boots, no longer has to spell disaster. Seal up leaky patches in your trusty shoes when you're back at camp, just like Duncan did, and in the morning you'll be ready to go exploring again!

3. Fix a broken zip

It's an oldie but a goldie – fix any broken zip or make them easier to use – whether it's your sleeping bag, fleece, jacket, rucksack or even your tent, Sugru can fix anything!

4. Make your tent work better for you

Sugru-er Joergh found that the tension on his tent left something to be desired, so he took matters into his own hands and improved it by attaching little strings with Sugru. Poorly designed tents can be a pain, but be inspired to try and make it work better for you - don't settle for mediocre!