There's nothing as delightful as relaxing in your own outdoor space, enjoying the fresh air and some carefree fun in the sun. It's enough to brighten anyone's mood – lazy afternoons, brunches, BBQs, even celebrations with family and friends. Whatever you've got planned, switch up your garden space and make it look extraordinary with these simple and enjoyable projects and ideas. You'll never want to go back indoors again.

Celebrate good times

Are you planning an outdoor ceremony at home? Try decorating the place by hanging flowers and pictures with Sugru hooks, a personal touch that's perfect for any gathering. 

Add a little DIY to your wedding

Tree decorated with plants and frames hung with Sugru hooks

An easy way to hang string lights outside

Garden lights hung with Sugru hooks

The show must go on

No need to halt the festivities when the sun goes down, party on with this Sugru and lights project.

Blooming gorgeous

Prepare to amaze with this thrifty showstopper project by the genius Jamey Gill from Jag Cag Design. She repurposed a broken spade and an old cake tin to create a truly unique garden caddy for this lush bunch.

Repurposed garden caddy made using Sugru

Make a gorgeous copper vase from DIY store items

Copper vases stuck to wall with Sugru

Adorn your walls

With some magnets and a bit of Sugru, create these exquisite copper wall vases that you can magically pop on and off whenever you like. Dot these charming flowerpots around to instantly uplift the look of any outdoor (or indoor) space.

Gardening - it's art

Check out these brilliantly creative projects and ideas to get your hands dirty, and you'll have your outdoor space looking lush in no time.

Garden projects with Sugru