Hacks for fixing and repairing Apple tech

Apple products are often the go-to gadget brand. In becoming a household name all around the world, Apple has changed the way we use technology irreversibly. Love it or hate it, we’ve all interacted with Apple products before. You’ll be happy to know, that as much as Apple is inescapable it is also hackable - with cool tricks and additions that can make your tech even more functional (so long as you’ve got your Sugru at hand!).

We’ve compiled some of the best hacks to help with common problems relating to: iPhones, Macbooks, Apple keyboards, Apple earbuds, Ipads and USBs and Cables.



When you think of iPhones what is the first common problem that pops to mind? If it isn’t cracked screens… You’re very lucky. Here’s some Sugru-lutions (sorry) to this common breakage issue...

iPhone Sugru-Shield

The protective Sugru shield is applied to each four corners of the iPhone so it’s not so disastrous when you drop it, if you’d like to check out a full tutorial of how to do this go here.

Yellow protective screen corners

iPhone Sugru-Patch

If you were too late in applying your Sugru-shield to your phone, fear not. There is also a temporary solution to a cracked iPhone screen which, you guessed it… also involves Sugru. There’s a tutorial here explaining exactly how this can be achieved.

Scratched phone screen covered with masking tape


In this section we’re going to address two common problems with Macbooks: rubber feet that have fallen off and… Cracks. Again.


Those little black dots tend to drop off after a while, so prevent expensive Macbook motor burnout by building Sugru versions that allow air to circulate.

Bottom of Macbook with red replacement foot made from mouldable glue

MacBook Sugru-Patch

The old MacBook design has held up well - there are still plenty in circulation despite the line being discontinued in July 2011. Naturally, wear and tear has an impact on the white polycarbonate casing. But yet again, there is a solution. Matt in Manchester sums it up: Old cracked Mac. Sugru. Win! I like the fact the orange Sugru highlights the design fault. Most satisfying.

Macbook with repair paste scratch protector


In the past, the proposition ‘Let’s watch TV on the ipad’ was often closely followed by ‘But how will we prop it up?!’ ….That is, of course… until the world heard about Sugru-holders!


This mount can hold your ipad up pretty much anywhere, so you can watch tv or recipe-videos or anything else you so desire, at your desire. We've even seen this project done over a bathtub - you’re welcome. 

iPad in kitchen mounted on mouldable glue hooks

Apple Keyboard

Apple keyboards are often powered by batteries and that means they need to be replaced. But a common problem is that the leaver to open the part to put the new batteries in is a bit fiddly. 

Sugru Keyboard Fix

One Sugru fan wrote to us: ‘Whenever I needed to change the batteries on my Apple keyboard it was a right fiddle - you need either strong nails or a coin to hand! I tend to have neither. So I stuck a little white Sugru on the battery chamber's screw cover to create an easy-turn knob - problem solved :)’

Apple cordless keyboard with replacement battery cap from repair putty

Apple Earphones

The most common gripe with earphones, not just Apple earphones, is that they drop out far too easily. It makes sense, as mass-produced earphones are not shaped especially for our own individual ear shape. But times are changing.

Apple USB Ports

USB ports can create a variety of organisational annoyances, but there’s quite a few Sugru hacks to help you deal with this:

Sugru USB Mould

Laptops are meant to be portable, but detaching all your cables each time you leave your desk means more fiddling about when you return to plug them in. Here's a super smart solution to this from Johan, who created a Sugru USB hub for all his desk cables. Problem solved!

White repair putty mould holds various computer cables

Sugru Lego USB Port Organiser

This one kills two birds with one stone, as you may not want cables hanging around on the floor, but you CERTAINLY don't want lego there either (ouch!).

Lego figures hold computer cords on side of desk

Apple Cables

Those unsightly frays you can get at the end of charging cables are preventable, with this classic Sugru hack:

Sugru Cable Fix

A list like this would be be incomplete without reference to the famous Sugru Cable Shield, perfect for phone or laptop cables. Frays, be gone! A full tutorial for this fix can be found here.

Frayed USB cable repaired with red mouldable glue paste

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