How to make a GoPro pole cam with Sugru!

GoPros are an amazing piece of kit. So why not get the most out of it with your very own pole mount! This DIY piece of kit is great for extreme sports, like snowboarding, where you have your hands free.


  • Ski pole (or walking pole, length of PVC pipe or wooden dowel)
  • GoPro adhesive mount
  • 2 single-use packs of Sugru
  • Hack saw
  • Stanley knife / scalpel
  • Cloth
  • White spirit
  • Protective gloves (or just washing up gloves)
  • Tape
  • Newspaper

Step 1

Pole measured out using knife and ruler

Mark and measure your pole. We recommend about 25-30cm from the base of the handle.

Step 2

Pole cut to size with saw

Cut the pole with a hacksaw.

Step 3

Newspaper stuffed inside pole

Stuff the hole where you made the cut with some newspaper. This will stop you from losing valuable Sugru in the hole.

Step 4

GoPro mount sticky pad removed

Peel the sticky pad off the GoPro mount. If it is hard to remove use a scalpel to cut it away from the plastic. Scrape off any remaining chunks with your finger nail.

Step 5

Mount cleaned with cloth

Soak a cloth in a little bit of white spirit and then rub off any excess gunk from the GoPro mount.

Step 6

Cut pole being held

Think about which way you want your grip. We found that having the front of the grip facing down worked best.

Step 7

Sugru pyramid on mount

Open a single-use pack of Sugru, knead it in your fingers and shape into a sausage the length of the GoPro mount.

Press the Sugru sausage into the base of the mount and shape into a long pyramid.

Step 8

Mount attached to pole with Sugru

Press the tip of the pyramid into the top of the pole.

Press in the Sugru so that it spreads out of the sides.

Step 9

Pole with attached mount being held

Check that the mount is straight. Readjust if not.

Step 10

End of pole being smoothed over with Sugru

Open the second single-use pack and shape the Sugru into a flat piece. Wrap it around the front and base of the pole.

Step 11

End of pole smoothed over with Sugru with fingers

Press the Sugru into the pole and the Sugru you have already applied. Cover right up to the end of the mount. Smooth the Sugru with your finger.

Ensure that the edges of the Sugru are fully rubbed into the pole for a strong bond.

Step 12

End of pole rounded with Sugru

Make sure that the sharp end is fully covered to prevent any risk of injury when using the mount later.

Step 13

Masking tape holding pole in place on table

Leave to set for a 12-24 hours, position the Sugru end over the edge of a table and hold in place with some tape.

Step 14

DIY GoPro pole mount in action!


After 12-24 hours...

Get out there and get filming! Check out the video of Ben using his mount!