How to make a custom grip for your camera

Make it grippy

Create a custom grip for your camera with Sugru Mouldable Glue. When set, Sugru feels soft to touch, but it's also grippy! Purrrfect for cameras. 📸

Camera with Sugru grips


  • 2 single-use packs of Sugru
  • A camera
  • Soapy water

Step 1

Camera on table

Understand how you grip your camera and where you need to apply Sugru.

Step 2

Camera with a Sugru pad

Press the Sugru firmly onto the camera ensuring a good bond. Don't worry about the finish yet.

Step 3

Sugru moulded onto camera with fingers

Hold your camera and press your grip firmly into the Sugru. You might want to gently release your grip and reapply your grip.

Step 4

Smoothed over Sugru pad

Gently rub the surface to get a good smooth finish.

Step 5

Second pad of Sugru applied to camera grip

For the next part of your grip, once again press the Sugru firmly onto the camera.

Step 6

Second Sugru pad smoothed over

Gently rub the surface to get a good smooth finish.

Step 7

Finger smoothing second Sugru pad

Sometimes using a bit of soapy water can help to get a better finish. Use the inside of your little finger to get it really smooth.

Step 8

Third pad of Sugru added to camera

Repeat the previous steps. In addition to this you can also add a custom grip to the bottom of your camera for when taking portrait photographs. Leave the Sugru to set for 12-24 hours.

Step 9

Camera with custom Sugru grips

You now have two lovely custom camera grips personalised to your hands. 

And if you ever needed to remove them or wanted to change them, Sugru is removable.

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