How to mod your game controller

Take your gaming to the next level. Use Sugru Mouldable Glue to repair and customise your controllers and make them work for you. Improve your gaming experience with simple adjustments.

Here’s how it’s done: 

Hack your game controller
Roll a ball of Sugru

Step 1 — Open your Sugru

Open a single use pack of Sugru. Roll half of it into a ball. Each trigger or thumb-stick needs just half a pack of Sugru.

Shape Sugru to mod controller

Step 2 — Stick & shape it

Apply a ball of Sugru to a button on your controller and press it, so that it's snug to the edges of the button. Shape it as desired to create a custom grip.

Rub Sugru to make it smooth

Step 3 — Rub it

Once you're happy with the shape, rub it gently to make the surface nice and smooth. You can also use some soapy water to achieve a super smooth and polished look.

Shape Sugru to triggers on controller

Step 4 — Repeat

Repeat the same process to all the buttons, triggers and thumbsticks that you'd like to add grips to.

Surge turns into rubber on a game controller

Step 5 — It turns into rubber

Leave the Sugru to set for 12-24 hours and it'll turn into a flexible rubber. Now you have fantastic custom grips on your controller. It's a game changer.

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