Meet Donald and Jason from LA with a fix for a drone

People from the Shipibo tribe gathered together

Donald and Jason were filming for National Geographic 3 hours up the Amazon River from Pucallpa when they crashed their drone. Luckily, they had some Sugru Mouldable Glue on hand to make repairs.

"We were pretty much the middle of nowhere and 3 hours north of that! We crashed our drone and lost a bushing.

Long story short, we made two from Sugru to replace the lost ones. They worked better than the originals, we filmed a ton of aerials with the amazing Shipibo tribe, and blew their minds with our UFO technology! Sugru saved the day!"

Amazing story Donald and Jason, and the photos are just fantastic.

This is a great use of Sugru. Because it's mouldable, it's perfect for filling gaps and replacing missing parts.