Fight for your right to repair

Sometimes reducing e-waste is as simple as not upgrading to a newer model, if what you've already got works perfectly fine. Other times a repair or component replacement is all it takes to keep a device in use for longer.

iFixit is a global electronic repair community, fighting e-waste by providing people with thousands of how-to guides and tools to fix, and ultimately save their tech from being thrown away.

 "Some companies have this planned obsolescence mentality and their business model is built around selling you sh*t that’s gonna break soon, and we’re disrupting that model as best we can." - Kyle Wiens, co-founder of iFixit.

Phones moving on a conveyor belt and falling in a pile
Jeff Suovanen from iFixit

Jeff from iFixit

Meet Jeff Suovanen, he's the Senior Technical Editor at iFixit. Jeff "takes stuff apart and writes about it", so we can all be empowered to put our stuff back together again. Hooray for Jeff and the iFixit team! 🙌

Scroll below to learn some super-duper skills from for repairing your tech, from the expert himself!👇

How to fix an iPhone 11 screen


iFixit phone repair

Follow it step by step

For Jeff's in-depth step-by-step guide with accompanying images, tap the link below.

See how it's done

Follow this video from iFixit to guide you through replacing your screen. 

🧑‍💻 More iFixit fixing 📱

Macbook battery problems?

Jeff shows us how to replace the battery on a Macbook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2015. How awesome is that? Tap below for the how-to guide.

Macbook in a purple light
ifixit repair workspace

Macbook battery not your problem?

The iFixit website has so many repair guides available for you to choose from, for all sorts of devices and problems. Tap below to have a browse for something that suits you.

Sugru projects for your tech

When your charger ain't chargin'

Cables are so easy to fix, and even easier to prevent from breaking in the first place. So what's the hold up? Grab some Sugru and tap the button below to check out our cable repair guide.

Smiling model holding cable repaired with Sugru

Save your phone

Save yourself the headache and avoid a break in the first place. With a few simple Sugru additions, like these bumpers on each corner of your phone, you can keep your tech protected.

Save your headphones

These days, it’s hard to imagine life without a good set of noise-cancelling headphones. But there's no need to replace said headphones when they break, if a simple fix with Sugru would do the job. Tap the button below and to see how you could repair yours.

Headphones repaired with Sugru

More Sugru projects for tech