Upcycle a teapot into a stylish bird feeder

Max McMurdo next to bird feeder

Get yourself a bird’s-eye view of that little robin next time he’s in town with a bird feeder that’s a little closer to home. Upcycling expert Max McMurdo shares a great project idea using a teapot and Sugru Mouldable Glue to create a stylish addition to any kitchen or conservatory window.

Once it’s done, just stick the kettle on and let the feeding commence! 


  • 3 single-use packs of Sugru 
  • Tea pot with lid (ceramic/vintage/charity shop find)
  • Tea strainer
  • Bird seed
  • Masking tape

You might also need pliers or vice grips

items needed for bird feeder
Sugru used to stick lid to teapot

Step 1

Make a little bird roof by attaching the teapot lid at an open angle onto the teapot using half a single-use pack of Sugru. Then secure the lid in place with masking tape while the Sugru sets.

Sugru applied to bottom of teapot

Step 2

Use the other half of the single-use pack of Sugru and one full pack to mould three cone points to the bottom of the teapot. To do this, roll the Sugru into a ball, press onto the base of the teapot and mould into a cone shape.

teapot mounted to window

Step 3

Press the teapot slowly and firmly onto the window and use masking tape to keep in place while the Sugru sets. Always make sure the window is clean and dry.

pliers used to bend end of tea strainer

Step 4

Bend the end of the tea strainer 3cm from the end, either by hand or using pliers / vice grips.

strainer applied to window under teapot

Step 5

Attach the tea strainer to the glass using your third pack of Sugru, just under the teapot so that the pot falls in line with the strainer. You want to allow enough room for a tiny bird to perch and eat comfortably. Then support in place with masking tape.

Max McMurdo next to bird feeder

Step 6

Leave for 12-24 hours* before gently peeling off the masking tape and filling the teapot with bird seed. Sit back and enjoy the view.

*Depending on the thickness of the application, for load-bearing projects, allow up to 48 hours for Sugru to fully set.

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