Hi Fernando,
Certainly freezing sugru in its unopened minipacks is a great way of keeping it useable well beyond its use by date. However, once the minipack is opened, and moisture gets in, only re-sealing it with a heat sealer is going to stop it from curing within a few days... fine, if you have a heat sealer lying around the house but unfortunately its not a typical household item I know, so for now its best to try and use it all up once opened. :-)

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Hi Tom, could you specify: is freezing even better than keeping in the fridge?

I get the moisture part. If you don't have a vacuum sealer, what about sealing your package using...Sugru:-)?

Fernando, sorry for the late reply! Freezing isn't better than keeping it in the fridge, they are equally good storage options.

Resealing the pack with sugru won't work, I'm afraid, but you can use a hot iron. The result will only keep for a few days, though.

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