There is a very small hole (1cm x 0.2cm) on the corner of my laptop case because I dropped it. Is there any reason I can't use sugru to fix this? what I am worried about is bits dropping into the stuff inside the laptop.


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Hello Reveur 

I wouldn't worry too much about Sugru getting inside your laptop, it's non conductive so shouldn't cause any problems. Sugru is quite sticky so if you make a ball of it (start smaller than you think you need) and smoosh it into the hole then add more Sugru as you need.

When you are happy you don't need to add any more Sugru scrape off the excess. If you'd like to get a smooth finish then put a little washing up liquid in a glass of warm water. Dampen your finger and use it to smooth the Sugru. Be careful to not get any water inside the laptop. You'll be ok as long as you don't put water in the keyboard or in any internal ports or venet. Same goes for Sugru, keep it to the damaged area only and avoid moving parts, ports or vents. 

When you've done post some pictures here so we can admire your handy work! Don't forget BEFORE and AFTER pics.