In another Q, Linda metioned that thin-ness "doesn't influence the adhesive properties of sugru how thin you roll it out, but it has an effect on its stability"...

So, I am thinking of making bracelet bands out of sugru and adhering ornaments onto it, so how thin could I go before it'll come undone?

I estimate that you wouldn't want to go any thinner than 2 mm, but I think I'll do some experimenting tomorrow, If some one hasn't stepped up with more precise knowledge.

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Hi, this is a tricky question to answer.
if I were to make a bracelet with sugru, I would probably apply it to a piece of fabric or ribbon as this would give it a lot of strength...

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This last weekend, I experimented with extruding sugru out of a dental syringe (no needle, just a tapered plastic tip). I cut the syringe to the smallest desirable size possible that would allow sugru through (it ended up producing a 3mm-thick string of sugru). It was extremely difficult to extrude that way due to the air resistance in the chamber of the syringe as well as the toughness of sugru overall.

My point, though, is that extruding it had an unintended effect: the action of compressing it through the syringe uniformly compacted the sugru that came out of the tip. If you were to extrude sugru (Like Cary from the US did: ) you could get a tiny boost in strength. However, even without "more precise knowledge" I have to say that Mallin's answer is very sage: For something you'd want to wear, especially every day, you wouldn't want to go less than 2mm or so.