That question doesn't have a straight answer as the "future" shelf life depends on how much moisture and air has been in contact with the remaining Sugru.
In my own experiences I have reached time frames of about two weeks successfully by resealing the packet after about two to five minutes though without vacuum. As I alsways had some project to use up the leftover Sugru by that time I don't know how much longer it's possible to keep it.

Maybe one of the others knows more. Mallin? Saulgood23?

Well, I use a lot of Sugru but I don't have an answer, sorry. I just setup a number of projects, and make sure to use up everything I open. Because I know that even if I save it, I'll probably get busy and forget to use it.

One suggested use for left overs that you don't have an project planned for is to modify a lego piece, I'm currently making little pyramid bumpers when I have left over yellow.

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Hi Fallyski, once a packet is opened, the moisture in the air starts curing sugru: keeping the leftover sugru in a vacuum would make the process a little slower, but sugru would still cure. The best way to try and keep leftover sugru is to re-seal a minipack, using an iron, as you can see here:, and storing it in the fridge. However, even this method is tricky, as there might be a residue of sugru which would prevent from creating a good seal. We do recommend lining up a few projects to make the most of a minipack all in one go!

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looks like I need to line up a few projects at once now.
I just wonder what happens to sugru after six months in a sealed . never been opened pack?

Scattycrafter, it depends whether you store your sugru at room temperature or in the fridge/freezer, as storing sugru in lower temperatures extends its shelf life up to 3 times. When sugru expires, it becomes lumpy and less pliable, or might go completely hard, depending on how old it is. It's important to remember that even if expired sugru is still pliable, its properties (strength, adhesiveness) are likely to be affected and sugru might not work as expected. I hope this helps!

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