Syringe applicator

Hi guys. 

After watching the video recently posted to I do indeed want this stuff. It would be immencly helpful for anything and everything computer related for dapening noise, repairing broken keyboard feet, holding things in place, etc. 

My biggest concern and the reason I haven't bought any yet is the 5g packs it comes in. All of the applications I can think of for this product would require far less than 5g per shot. Is there a chance at a 5ml syringe applicator pack? 

I could order the multi pack, rip it open and stuff the contents into a syringe from the local pharmacy/drug store myself but I do not know the implications of opening the packet. I assume it just has to remain air tight/cold so it doesn't oxidise and harden?


You're right about the hardening after opening the package. Sugru cures with air and moisture, so putting it in a syringe won't work as the plastic in itself is not guaranteed airproof. That's also the reason for the packaging. Team Sugru has put a lot of developement into this.

What you can do is line up more than one repair (or just go looking around after finishing something, I alsways find something else to repair that way). Or you could reseal the pack directly after taking out the needed sugru. A guide for that is here:

You can from my own experience keep the leftover sugru usable for at least two more weeks (I had another repair by then, so I don't know how long you can really keep it).

Still, lining up more than one repair is the best option.