How to fix any zip with Sugru

If a zip-pull falls out and gets lost, that can ruin a whole jacket. We can't have that!

With just a paperclip, and a small piece of Sugru, you can create a new one that's even better than the original in some cases.

Sugru is perfect for this because it will make the paperclip much stronger, and because it's rubbery and waterproof it feels really nice to use too!

It's machine washable, and temperature resistant in high and low temperatures, so this is a perfect fix whether it's a jacket, a favourite pair of boots, or even a zip on a backpack, tent or wetsuit. It will last for years to come.

Even if your zip pull isn't broken, you might like to use a piece of Sugru to make it bigger and easier to use with gloves on, for example for ski wear.

Top tip: This fix takes about 5 minutes. Do it last thing at night before you go to bed,  it'll be cured and ready to use in the morning!