How to fix broken headphones

This guide will show you how to fix a pair of broken headphones. When the arm of our favourite headphones snapped, we didn't want to buy a new pair because they still work and have great sound quality. Instead of throwing these away, a simple and inexpensive fix got them back in working order. Meaning many more hours of listening time!

Sugru is perfect for this because -

it sticks to almost anything
it is strong and durable!


  • Your broken headphones
  • 1 pack of Sugru
  • Knife

Step 1

Broken headphones positioned in front of books

First, find a position where the two broken parts of your headphones meet and can sit comfortably. This position seems to work well, the two broken parts rest against each other in the desired position and can be leaned against a stack of books. It is important to find this position so you can leave your headphones to cure overnight securely.

Step 2

Cutting away obstructions with Stanley knife

Next, remove any obstructions (if there are any). We found our headphones had a piece of broken plastic sticking out that was stopping both parts from meeting, and cutting this off ensured a close fit between both parts.

Step 3

Small ball of Sugru in hand

Take a pea sized amount of Sugru.

Step 4

Sugru placed in snapped area with the band about to be pushed into the Sugru

Push this blob of Sugru firmly onto one of the broken parts, and form into a pyramid shape.

Step 5

Headphone band being reattached to earcup

Next, push both parts of the break together. Your pyramid of Sugru will squash between both parts, and ooze over the sides.

Step 6

Excess Sugru moulded around snapped area

Flatten this excess Sugru and push it over the crack, around the outside of the headphone band, joining both parts.

Step 7

More Sugru spread around snapped area

To add extra strength to this fix, take a bit more Sugru, roll it into a sausage shape, and wrap this over the join.

Step 8

Sugru smoothed over with finger

Smooth this extra Sugru by rubbing it with your finger. For the strongest possible bond make sure there is no shadow or edge where the Sugru and the plastic meet.

Step 9

Fixed headphones placed in front of headphones

Once you are happy with your fix, leave it to cure for 24 hours in the resting position. (You may notice we have placed the cable between the earpiece and the headphone band here - this is just to separate the arm of the headphones from the earpeice and stop the Sugru from bonding to the earpeice!)

Step 10

Fixed headphones being worn

24 hours later and your headphones are ready to go!