How To Make Your Own DIY Tablet Stand

Tablets are great for surfing the web and can help hours pass like minutes. But anyone who has held one for a while will know the 'arm ache'! If you find yourself wishing you could go hands free with your tablet then this is the project for you.

Why buy an expensive solution when you can make one yourself? (way more fun) Here we'll show you how to create your own DIY stand that you can move around the house as you need it — in bed, at your desk or with your morning coffee :) It's time to give your arms a rest!


  • An adjustable table lamp
  • Wire clippers
  • A tablet case
  • Screwdriver / hex key (to dismantle the lamp)
  • A single-use pack of Sugru

Step 1

Moveable desk lamp.

Finding the right lamp:

- For this project you will need to use a lamp that has an adjustable arm, which will give you free movement of the tablet when it's clipped in.

- An added bonus, but not essential, is finding a lamp with an adjustable/twistable head — this will give you the choice of using your tablet in both landscape and portrait modes while it is clipped in.

Here we've rescued our Forsa IKEA lamp that was sitting unloved and underused in the corner of Sugru HQ (it's got an adjustable head)

Step 2

Cut wire that connects to plug.

Once you've found your lamp — first things first, cut the plug off to be safe. This will also make it easy to remove the cable later on.

And if there is a lightbulb in place, remove it now.

Step 3

Unscrewing fittings on lamp head.

Unscrew the fittings on the head of the lamp using a screwdriver.

Step 4

Light shade being removed.

Now remove the light shade.

Step 5

Cut the wire that connects the light socket piece.

Cut the wire to remove the light socket piece so you can remove the remaining wire.

Step 6

Wire being pulled through the lamp's arm.

Pull the remaining wire through the light's arm to remove it completely.

Step 7

Disassembled lamp arm.

Now that you are left with only the structure of the lamp, find a suitable surface that you can attach the tablet case to.

For this project we used the black circular piece of plastic pictured here.

Step 8

Thin sausage of Sugru on hands.

Cut open a single-use pack of Sugru and roll it into a ball, then into a thin sausage.

Step 9

Sugru being applied to the lamp.

Lightly press the Sugru sausage onto the rim or surface of the piece you want to attach your tablet case.

Step 10

Tablet case being applied to Sugru on lamp.

Top Tip: if you don't have a rotational head on your lamp, then this is when you'll need to decide if this is for movies (landscape) or surfing the web (portrait!)

Line up your tablet case so it is straight and centred, before pressing down firmly.

Hold the case down this for a few seconds to make ensure the case gets a good contact with the Sugru.

Step 11

Lamp arm holding tablet case.

That's it — now just leave your stand somewhere safe for 24 hours while the Sugru sets and your new tablet stand will be ready!

Top Tip: If you're doing this for a larger tablet and the case is heavier, you may want to use some tape to keep it in place while it set. 

Step 12

Tablet being held by arm on a counter.

Now you just need to click your tablet in place and you're ready to go!

Happy surfing :)

This project was inspired by Vikas and his awesome bedside iPad stand project.