How to repair a laptop charger

Cables can very easily get damaged and not through anything strenuous but just through everyday wear and tear! If the wire cores are not damaged or exposed and the cable still works, then Sugru can fix it!

Sugru is great for this because:

- it is hardwearing and durable

- bonds brilliantly to nearly all cables

- is flexible when it's cured so your cable can still move about freely!

TAKE CARE: Be careful with electricity. To ensure there is no risk of electrocution, stick to low voltage items such as phone and laptop cables (maximum 24V). To avoid heat build-up from short circuits or damaged wires, do not repair cables where the metal is exposed or the cable is already working intermittently. We don't recommend it for DIY electrical work on items with higher voltage.


  • Your broken cable
  • 1 minipack of Sugru
  • Scissors

Step 1

Cut open your minipack of Sugru and knead it for approximately 30 seconds.

Roll out the pack until you create a long, thin rectangle of Sugru that can comfortably wrap around the cable.

Step 2

Press the Sugru together and to the cable to ensure a good bond. Make sure it is firmly attached to the plastic casing of the power block and covers the cable for about the width of your hand, to provide a good strain relief.

Step 3

Hang the cable from a table or desk with tape, this is perfect for letting the Sugru cure and for giving the Sugru a great finish.

Step 4

To give Sugru a great smooth surface finish, gently and firmly rub the Sugru to get rid of all the finger prints and cracks.

Leave the Sugru to cure and in 24 hours it will be ready to go. Fixed, Flexible and Fun! Woohoo!