Bond shapes that don’t fit

Unlike conventional glues that require two flat surfaces, Sugru can make strong, flexible joins between all sorts of shapes, uneven surfaces and contrasting materials.

No mess, no stress

Liquid glues ooze and drip and get all over your hands. Sugru stays where you put it – you’re in control. After use, simply wipe your hands clean with dry tissue paper.

Rebuild missing pieces

When things stop working, it's often because key parts are cracked, worn, or missing. Due to its physical bulk and mouldability, Sugru allows you to fill gaps and holes – even rebuild components. Use it to create 3D parts such as rubber feet, replace worn knobs and handles, and add strength and flexibility to flimsy cables.

So much more than sticking things together

Thanks to its unique properties, once you enter the wonderful world of Sugru, you’ll discover there are no limits to what you can do with this clever little material.

DIY & Craft

With a little imagination, you’ll find 1000s of new and inventive ways to solve all sorts of problems around the home with Sugru. As well as make and create, indoors and out.

Toy-safe & Creative

Sugru manages to balance its superior technical performance with chemistry mild enough for little fixers’ and makers’ hands. Children over the age of three can safely experience the joys of fixing, making and creating with the world’s first mouldable glue.

Why don't you Sugru it?