How to fix fridge shelves, drawers and lining with sugru!

Through wear and tear, fridge parts including shelves and drawers inevitably break and crack. sugru can repair these for a simple and effective fix!

Unlike superglue and other glues on the market, sugru cures to a flexible rubber so doesn't become brittle and snap.

sugru is also good for fixing your fridge because:

- it is cold proof (resistant to -60 degree celsius)
- sticks really well to the plastics used in the fridge
- strong and durable

Kit list

  • Your broken fridge part :(
  • 1-2 minipacks of sugru (depending on the size of the fix needed)
  • Soapy water
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper/toilet roll

Step 1

We have made a 'How To' tutorial and in the guide below, we quickly recap over the main steps!

Step 2


For all the breaks, make sure the surface is clean and dry - wipe it with that handy roll of tissue paper!

Step 3


For the break on your shelf, place and press a sausage of sugru onto the edge of the break.

Smooth the surface by rolling your finger over the sugru and by wiping soapy water over it. It will take a little bit of time to get it looking perfect!

Leave it for 24 hours (it may take a little longer in the cold fridge!) and hey presto - all fixed!

Step 4


For the cracked drawer, roll the sugru into a sausage twice the length of the crack and spread it over both the front and back of the break.

Press it down on all sides and then using soapy water, give it that great shiny rubber finish.

Leave the sugru to cure for 24 hours (it may take a little longer in the cold fridge) and Your fridge drawer/shelf is good to go!

Step 5


Push the sugru deep into the crack of your fridge and then take your time to sculpt the sugru so that it matches up with the rest of the fridge.

Use your soapy water to give it a nice smooth surface finish and leave it to cure for 24-48 hours (it will take a little longer as its chilly in your fridge!)

Step 6


24-48 hours later and your sugru has cured and is ready to go! Your fridge now has a great future ahead of it!

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You're right Ejm, we just did it as a joke, but safety always comes first. As you said, don't try this at home!

  • Marco
  • Marco
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Climbing into a fridge, freezer, tumble dryer or any other household appliance is never a good idea because that is really, REALLY dangerous and something bad could happen. Never try that at home because not even sugru could fix it if something horrible happened.

  • ejm
  • ejm
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