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Secure a studio flash kit transmitter

Secure a studio flash kit transmitter

The little black box with an added loop (made of sugru) is a wireless transmitter that allows my studio flashes to fire when my camera does. The box needs to be attached via a cable (usually 6 inches long) to the strobe heads. Unfortunately these heads are usually located off the floor, and this leaves these triggers dangling by a cord (that was not meant to have things dangling from it) - literally. After losing yet another shot because the flash became unplugged, I decided to do something about it. sugru to the rescue! I made the loop and attached it to the trigger, and tied the trigger to the supporting flash stand. No more missed shots due to a cord becoming unplugged - sugru allowed me to finish a charity fundraiser for a school (taking the students portraits) without having to worry about my lights driving me crazy! Mark

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