How to keep your unopened Sugru fresh

See the use-by-date on the single-use packs. If used within this date, the set Sugru will last and last. Keep unopened packs of Sugru in the fridge to triple the number of months you have left for use.

How long is the working time?

Once you open your single-use pack, the moisture in the air will trigger the setting process giving you 30 minutes to fix, bond and create before Sugru begins to harden.

So far, we haven’t found a reliable method of preserving Sugru leftovers, but we’re working on it. So, we recommend you line up a few little projects to make the most of each single-use pack of Sugru in one go.

Once set, Sugru will last & last

Sugru sets strong, keeps its shape and stays stuck. Once fully set, it will last and last under normal ambient conditions without degrading. However, we don’t recommend exposing Sugru to temperatures higher than 180°C (356°F) – don’t put it in the oven, for example.

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