Why is fixing good?

We asked a few fixers from our community why they love fixing. And we made a little film to capture their stories.

Some, like Helga, fix for creativity and the sheer joy of making her kids smile. Others, like Laura and Ciarán, fix for adventure and self-discovery. Then there are people like Ugo, who literally fix for the survival of the planet. 

Whatever the reason, we have a bit of a thing for people who fix. Because when we fix something – especially something we need or care about – we experience a profound sense of achievement and a renewed attachment to the thing itself.

But don’t take our word for it.

Real Fixers. Real Stories.

Why did we choose these people? Over the years, fixers from all over the world have shared their fixing stories with us. Every day members of our growing global community blow us away with their originality and inventiveness. So we thought it was about time we celebrate them and the incredible power of fixing.  


Helga's Story

Helga is known as the ingenious mum-come-designer-come-incurable DIY addict who sees life as one giant creative project. Ever since joining our community, she has delighted us with the wit and inventiveness she applies to her purposeful designs. She’s one of those unforgettable people with a unique gift for inspiring both kids and grown-ups alike.

Originally from the Soviet Union, when resources were scarce, Helga was brought up with a make do and mend mentality. This, combined with her natural artistry, makes for the perfect creative problem solver. You won’t believe what she can do with everyday objects around the home.

Popular craft Instagrammer Helga laughing
Bike Riders Laura and Ciaran in a Bike Workshop


Laura and Ciaran's Story

When most people plan an epic trip around the world, it usually involves planes, trains, boats, or at the very least, a bus. But then Ciarán and Laura are not most people. Having spent two years in Japan teaching English, they decided it was time to head home back to Ireland via the desert tracks of Mongolia – on their bicycles! This epic journey took our intrepid pedal-powered adventurers across some of the finest landscapes in the world.

Months of research and preparation meant they were ready for anything – even fixing their way out of tyre trouble. Six months and over 10,000 miles of muscle-crushing resource later, the pair finally reached home to tell the tale.


Ugo's Story

Ugo is on a mission. As a co-founder of The Restart Project, he and his business partner Janet, are using the empowerment of fixing to change our relationship with technology and help reduce e-waste. In a throwaway society, hell-bent on destroying the planet, Ugo and Janet’s ethos is a crucial antidote.

The Restart Project is a London-based social enterprise. It runs grassroots community events where people learn how to repair their own electronics – believing that the most ethical and environmentally friendly device is the one you already have. Ugo and Janet, and the visionary work they do with Restart – raising awareness and teaching practical fixing skills – is a real game-changer.

Restart repair organisation founder Hugo sits in a cafe

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