Let’s end the Waste Age together 🤝

What if...

Everyone could fix what they already have instead of buying new all the time?

60% of global greenhouse gas emissions are a result of household consumption including food, heating, travel and… the things we buy.

Fixing our things has the power to reduce this. Every fix is an act of resistance that has the power to create ripples of change. 💪

How sustainable is Sugru Mouldable Glue as a material?

It’s a question we’re asked a lot. Sugru is a new type of silicone material designed and built to last. When we fix something, we want it to stay fixed. The downside to this of course is that the product is not biodegradable.

When inventing Sugru, we chose durability over biodegradability. In the future, we may not have to make this difficult choice, but with today’s available technology, we do.

At tesa, we take a science-based and whole-systems perspective on sustainability.

As a company, we are embedded in society and the environment. There is no healthy economy without a healthy society – no healthy society without a healthy environment.

We therefore take responsibility for our actions along our entire value chain and consider the entire product life cycle to reduce our footprint.

There are five pillars to our sustainability strategy, and the fifth is to empower our customers to behave in more sustainable ways, like repairing and extending the life of our belongings with Sugru and our assortment of innovative repair products. To learn more, visit the sustainability section of tesa.com.