10 seriously playful colours

Sugru comes in 10 gorgeous colours for all your colour-matching or colour-clashing needs! The colours are Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange, Pink and Grey!

If you can’t find the colour you want, make it yourself by mixing different Sugru colours together.

Colour-matching for invisible repairs

Sometimes you’ll want your Sugru fix to stand out. If not, you can match the colour to your object and achieve like-new invisible repairs.

How to mix Sugru colours

Make virtually any colour you like by mixing different Sugru colours together. We've made this colour-mixing guide to help you create exactly the shade of choice.

1 Yellow : 0.5 Orange

1 White : 0.25 Yellow : 0.25 Pink

1 White : 0.5 Brown

1 Red : 0.25 Black

1 Green : 1 Yellow

1 White : 0.25 Green : 0.25 Blue

1 White : 0.25 Green

1 White : 0.25 Yellow

1 White: 0.5 Pink

1 White : 0.5 Red

1 Red : 1 Pink : 0.5 Yellow

1 White : 0.25 Blue : 0.25 pink

1 Pink : 0.5 Blue

1 White : 0.5 Blue

1 Grey : 1 Blue

1 White : 0.25 Grey

Step 1

Tear off the right quantities of Sugru that you need to make your perfect custom colour blend.

Pro tip: It's always best to begin by mixing lighter shades and gradually adding darker shades, as opposed to starting dark and getting lighter! Use larger quantities of lighter colours first.

Step 2

Squish the colours together, then knead them between your fingers until you see the colours start to marble.

Step 3

After a little while, the Sugru will mix to make a perfectly blended colour. And there you have it – your very own customised shade. Congrats!

Pro tip: You can always add more of one particular colour if you need it to be darker, lighter, with more red tones, or blue tones, etc. The possibilities are endless!

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