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We’re open to all manner of Sugru submissions – a winning fix, hack or make comes in all forms: big or small, simple or complex, practical or a little bit crazy. It’s not an exact science, mainly because we love them all :) 

1. A great fix, hack or make deserves great photography

A bright, clear and in-focus image that really shows off your handiwork will always grab our attention. It might be a close-up of your project on a plain background, or something that shows it off in its natural habitat. Just be sure to get focused and frame it well. This is your masterpiece.

Daylight shots are always a good place to start. A sequence of images is something we get uncontrollably excited about, especially if it shows us step-by-step how you did it. And/or before and after process shots fill us with a special kind of joy. 

2. Share your story

Once you’ve taken your photos, tell us a bit about the project. What problem did you fix? What made Sugru so perfect for the job? How did you apply it? Did it save you money, or time, or both? Did it earn you a bit of love at work or at home? How did it make you feel? Hearing your stories is the best part of working at Sugru. So please, don’t spare us any of the details!

3. Pick your platform

You can send your snaps directly to us via email here. We also love it when you share your projects with your friends and our community on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Simply tag @sugru and use the hashtag #MySugruFix. Alternatively, you can upload everything in the form below. 

Good luck, we're rooting for ya!

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