Get your shoes under control!

Shoes are awkward, you can't fold them, stack them or hang them up. It's like they have a mind of their own and somehow always seem to end up in a disorganised shoe mountain!

Here's a quirky but practical idea to keep some of yours out of sight, but always within easy reach.

Storage opportunities are hiding everywhere, even in your wardrobe! This idea makes use of the dead space on the inside of your wardrobe doors, and all you need to get started are a few tennis balls and a pack of Sugru.... game on!

Copy this genius little idea and you'll have your shoes under control in no time! Watch the video to see it in action:

Turns out tennis balls make great shoe hooks — they're soft, round and kind on your shoes, plus you can get them easily.

Unlike other glues, Sugru is three-dimensional and fills weird gaps, so you can stick odd shapes together. And because Sugru is removable you can take them away again in years to come, if you ever need to.

One single use pack of Sugru is enough to attach two tennis balls and store a pair of shoes.

Step 1 — Smudge one pea sized piece onto the tennis ball and the other pea-sized piece onto the wardrobe door where you want to attach the ball.

Step 2 — Roll one of the large pieces into a sausage, press onto the smudged part of ball and shape into a pyramid.

Step 3 — Press the tennis ball onto the smudged Sugru on the wardrobe door and press down firmly.

Use tape to secure the tennis balls overnight while the Sugru cures. In 24 hours they will be ready to go!

But don't stop there, we've gathered 15 more ways to declutter your wardrobe and head over to our Do the most with your space section for over 60 Sugru projects to organise the spaces around you.

Celebrate Spring with 5 clever DIY ideas from Sabrina Soto!

If you're into DIY, you'll probably know Sabrina Soto - the lovely presenter of the High & Low show on HGTV, home-decorator and upcycler extraordinaire! I got the chance to meet up with her in LA where we ran through a few easy and clever ideas to get organized for Spring, and guess what...2 of them use Sugru!

1. Turn decorative door knobs into awesome coat hooks

Take pride in your organising. Don't just hide everything away in cupboards and closets, sometimes home is more homey when things are out in view. Sabrina loves antiquing, and she often picks up old well-loved door knobs on her travels. In this project she uses two small pieces of Sugru to hang a door knob, making awesome hooks without the need for any tools and drilling.

2. Keep your iPad safe while cooking - make Sugru hooks on your tiles

Sabrina loves cooking and entertaining and she's always finding great new recipes online that she likes to have to hand while cooking. The problem though is that her iPad often gets splashed with food and water. So in this project, she's made 3 clever hooks directly on the tile splashback so she can have the iPad close at hand while keeping it safe. Sugru was the perfect product to help her do this because it bonds so well to ceramic tiles, it's so easy to use, and is strong, waterproof and flexible so she can slide the iPad in and out as she wants!

3. Keep earrings organised and on display on a lampshade

Sabrina has lots of jewelry, and she told us how she often forgets what she has if it's not out on display. Out of sight, out of mind. Lightweight fabric lampshades can be thin enough that you can simply punch the earrings through, and see them on display so you never forget what choices you have to wear.

4. Turn a paper towel holder into cute storage for jewelry

As you can see in the pic above - a super simple solution that costs nothing! Often there are solutions right in front of you, like this one - she just repurposed a paper towel holder that she already owned into a tower for her bracelets, bangles and even watches.

5. Turn a wine rack into a modern looking towel holder

Sabrina wanted to prepare her bathroom for visitors coming to stay. She wanted them to know where the fresh towels were, and thought of rolling them up in a wine rack as you can see in the pic above. How clever is that? This not only helps guests find them easily, but looks great too!

Sabrina, it was great to meet you! We love your ideas and your inspiring enthusiasm.

— Jane

Everyone else, if you'd like to see lots more clever ideas of how Sugru can help you get your home organised and refreshed this Spring head over to our Get the Most from your Space section, and for more about Sabrina and her great 'home-improvement on budget' ideas check out her blog and website over at for further inspiration!

To get your hands on Sugru, head on over to the Sugru shop, or for a store near you check our stockists page .... and very soon... Sugru will be in store at Target! High five!

US update: Jane's in Hollywood!

This week I'm in the US again, doing so much travel here these days with Sugru launching in so many stores now...well it's not all work ha ha :) yesterday lovely Laure who heads up our marketing and me drove up the hills in LA in our little rental car to see the big city view which was breathtaking, here's us with the Hollywood sign!! Even if it is so tiny in the distance you can't really see it ;)

So excited that #Sugru is now stocked in almost 4000 stores across the US (remember when you could only get it on our website shipped from London?! We've come a long way together...) well now you can get it near you, including all Lowes stores and select Radioshack stores and very soon we will have really exciting new news so you can get your Sugru in even more places near you...shhh for now but can't wait to tell you very soon! Watch this space...

Jane x

Could this be the best place to store your toothbrush?

Could this be the best place to store your toothbrush? It certainly puts a smile on our face. Why can't all practical solutions be this cute? :D

Most of us just use an old glass or cup to store our toothbrushes, it's the obvious solution, right? Hmmm... we didn't really want to bring this up, but have you looked inside the bottom of yours recently? (we wouldn't advise it!) This project lets you lose the grubby glass, free up some space and replace it with a row of smiley faces for everyone's toothbrushes!

Because Sugru sticks to most materials, including metals, ceramic and glass, you can attach these almost anywhere — on the inside of the bathroom cabinet or maybe right onto the mirror itself, that bits up to you! And because Sugru is removable, you can always take these off again if you ever need to.

Once you've decided where you want to mount yours, this is a 15-20min project (depending on how many you make!)

You just need to build a simple Sugru hook on it's side:

Step 1 — Cut open a single use pack of Sugru and roll it into a ball. (pinch a little piece off and keep aside to create the two dots later)

Step 2 — Press the Sugru onto the surface and pinch it into a sausage shape. Then carefully bend it sideways to form a hook.

Step 3 — Divide the little piece of Sugru you saved earlier into two dots, and stick them an inch above your hook. These will help keep your toothbrush in place.

Here's a quick video to show you the steps:

24 hours later the Sugru will have cured into lovely grippy rubber hooks. Plus, now you'll be motivated to free yourself from the rest of the clutter! Check out these 16 pretty genius solutions for messy sinks that we've gathered from other Sugru-ers!

But don't stop there!! We're only just getting started :D

We've got loads more clever little projects that will help you get the most from your space at home.

Create a DIY tablet stand using a lamp

Tablets are great for surfing the web and can help hours pass like minutes. But anyone who has held one for a while will know the 'arm ache'! If you find yourself wishing you could go hands free with your tablet then this is the project for you!

It's a perfect Sunday afternoon project — and the excuse you were looking for to get your desk lovely and tidy again!

Sugru is mouldable glue that makes it easy and fun for anyone to make things, so this project is much easier than you might think.

For this project we rescued an unloved IKEA lamp from our office and used Sugru to attach a cheap tablet case that we found online. Once you've chosen a lamp to use, you can get this done in an evening.

Here's what you'll need:

  • A table lamp with an adjustable arm (we used a IKEA Forsa lamp that was sitting unloved and underused in the corner of Sugru HQ
  • Wire clippers
  • A cheap tablet case
  • Screwdriver / hex key (to dismantle the lamp)
  • Sugru (choose from 10 awesome colours)

And a short video to help take you through the steps.

Step 1 — Cut the plug off the lamp, dismantle the light shade and remove the remaining power full cable.

Step 2 — Roll your Sugru into a thin sausage and apply to the lamp's frame.

Step 3 — Press your tablet case firmly onto the Sugru.

24 hours later your arms will thanking you and you'll be enjoying that new boxset. Plus the lamp stand is super portable, so you can move it around the house as you need it — by your bed, at your desk or with your morning coffee :) We've also created a more detailed step-by-step guide to guide you making your own.

But don't stop there!! We're only just getting started :D We've got loads more clever little projects that will help you get the most from your space at home.

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