18 familiar faces in the Sugru community!

Something we never take for granted here at Sugru is our amazing community. From the very beginning people have been at the heart of what we do. Our passion, enthusiasm and inspiration is fuelled by all the awesome people who reach out to us and share their ideas and stories. (We read every one, it's our favourite part of the day)

Sometimes in among all the new friends we're getting to know, we spot a familiar face. So we thought you'd be interested to know who you share your Sugru habit with — so now you've got the perfect excuse to say hello! :)

1. Al Murray

Comedian Al Murray, who you might know as ' The Pub Landlord', is one of our biggest fans. Here he is proudly showing us his Sugru-ed knife.

We even spotted some celeb banter — look, they're literally fighting over us! :)

2. Andy Nyman

Andy is just awesome and as you can tell he's a big fan! He is an actor you might have spotted in Kick Ass 2, and he even voices Nuts in the new Shaun the Sheep film! He's also a magician and co-creator on Derren Brown's shows. He's even popped by Sugru HQ to leave his mark, literally, in the Sugru studio...

3. Dara O Briain

You'll probably recognise Dara as the Irish comedian host of Mock The Week! Even though we haven't seen one of Dara's Sugru projects yet, we know he's got a pack. So hopefully we'll have proof soon!

Plus Dara has an awesome show called Science Club. You can find loads of clips over on YouTube!

4. Verne Troyer (AKA Mini Me!)

I don't think this guy needs any introduction! This tweet was from way back in the early days of Sugru, so you can imagine the excitement in the office when we saw this one! We still can't quite wrap our heads around it! :)

5. Nathan Fillion

Nathan may have spelt Sugru wrong, but we'll forgive him ;) If you don't already recognise him from the epic list of things he's been in (seriously check out his IMDB page) then you will definitely recognise his character from Monsters Inc University!

6. Kevin McCloud

"My life is held together with cable ties and gaffer tape, so Sugru is a splendidly sophisticated addition to my little armoury."

So it turns out the legendary Kevin McCloud from TV show Grand Designs is a Sugru-er! When asked what had got him excited recently in an interview with The Guardian, he said his order of Sugru that had just arrived! (we swooned)

We know Kevin has already used Sugru to put bumpers on his curtain pulleys, so they don't keep damaging the walls.

7. Jerry Horton

Any Papa Roach fans will know who this dude is! And if you don't — Jerry is the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the band! Here's one of their tracks. We spotted him improving his charger cables.

8. Oliver Heath

You might recognise Oliver from TV show like Changing Rooms or BBC DIY SOS! He now often discusses sustainability, demonstrating how people can make it a part of their lifestyles. Our kind of guy!

Here's one of Oliver's projects, using Sugru + magnets to brighten up his home office!

9. Imogen Heap

We're all big fans of Imogen Heap here at Sugru, so when we found out she had used Sugru to build an amazing prototype musical glove instrument, well lets say we got excited!

Check out her performance at Wired 2012 where she creates music through hand gestures!

10. Sebastien Foucan

Sebastien is awesome. He's the founder of freerunning and an early developer of Parkour. We were lucky enough to meet him when he visited Sugru HQ last summer.

Check him out in action in Casino Royale!

11. Sarah Outen MBE

Adventurer Sarah Outen started her latest expedition in April 2011 aiming to "loop the planet" using only a kayak, bike and ocean rowing boat! She has been using Sugru on her kayak, including sealing the solar panels and much more :)

12. Dieter Rams

If you're not familiar with the name, Dieter Rams is one of the iconic industrial designers of our generation. His design principles are said to have influenced the design of many Apple products. We discovered his interest in Sugru thanks to our friends over at awesome British furniture brand Vitsoe.

13. Ortis Deley

You might recognise this guy from CBBC back in the day on Xchange! These days you'll find him presenting The Gadget Show :)

14. Graham Linehan

Graham was one of the first Sugru-ers when we were first starting out and he's been a big supporter ever since. For those of you who don't recognise him, he is the genius writer behind shows including Father Ted, Black Books and The IT Crowd!

15. Maggie Philbin

Maggie is a tv presenter who you might remember from classic show, Tomorrow's World. It's a little embarrassing how excited we got when we spotted this tweet!

16. Murray Elliot

Murray Elliot is a Paralympic archer who competed in the 2012 Paralympics. He has been shooting for over 20 years and trains with the Balbardie Archers. He got in touch with us to tell us how he is using Sugru to adapt his sports equipment.

17. John Stubbs MBE

John is another inspiring Paralympic archer who won GOLD for TeamGB at Beijing in 2008! John was awarded his MBE for services to disabled sport :)

18. James Davis

James was the youngest member of the GB fencing team at the London 2012 Olympics — he uses Sugru to help him adapt and improve his fencing handle. (yes even at the Olympics!)

In 2012 we partnered with renowned fencing company, Leon Paul, to create the Evolution fencing handle. Watch our video to find out more:

Think we've missed anyone? Let us know if you spot any familiar faces using Sugru :)

Repair, protect and improve your phone with Sugru

It's amazing how dependent on our phones we've become. It feels weird leaving the house without them and they've probably replaced keys as the worst thing to forget in the morning!

But like other things you use everyday and rely on, there are three useful rules:

1 — Keep it safe
2 — Adapt it to your needs
3 — Be able to fix it if it breaks

Here we'll show you how Sugru can help with all three for your phone!

1. Keep it safe

Unless you've got skills like Zack King, you're probably afraid you might end up with a smashed screen like this someday. Using Sugru bumpers to protect your phone means little accidents don't have to be disasters.

2. Adapt your phone for your needs

Technology is supposed to be there to make our lives easier, enabling us to do more. But phones that are mass produced can't be made with all of us in mind.

Sugru lets you adapt and improve your phone, so things work the way you want them to. Here are some ways we've spotted Sugru-ers modding their tech.

Add a camera adapter to your phone

Jenn planned to add a camera lens adapter to her phone case with Sugru. But when she added the adapter she didn't just attach it, she got creative and made her phone look awesome using stamps — so cool!

Store your phone easily

As we take our phones with us everywhere they don't really have a home, and we all know how easy it is to lose them. Using a cheap phone case you can create a handy space in each room for them!

Add a magnetic in-car phone mount

Frederic always wanted to have a simple iPhone holder for his car, but could never find the right one. He made a custom one made just the way he wanted it using an old vakuum phone mount, Sugru and magnets. He used Sugru to attach the magnets to the dashboard and the mount and now has a removable mount that can also hold tickets that would normally go missing!

Hack a phone dock

Anne was excited as she'd found a charging dock for her iPod touch on eBay. But when it arrived it turned out she'd ordered an iPhone one by mistake, whoops! But that was no problem for Anne! She adapted it to fit her iTouch by moulding Sugru around the connector!

Make a wooden charging station

David runs a wood club out of the school he teaches at. Their project was to make a docking station for a phone, which we can imagine is a rather hard task when you're working with wood! But together they came up with this dock design where they secured the wire in using Sugru (and it even looks shop bought!)

Adapt a Tripod to fit your phone

Michael loves taking pictures on his phone, but wanted to be able to take even better photos using a tripod. He fixed an old one of his with some matching yellow Sugru so that it fit his Lumia - voila!

Adapt your phone to fit binoculars

When Gerard goes hiking he likes to take his binoculars with him, but also wants to be able to capture what he sees on camera. But when he's carrying heavy binoculars around he doesn't want to carry around a heavy camera too, but a smartphone just doesn't capture it correctly. So he came up with a clever Sugru solution! He created an eyepiece that enables the binoculars to sit in place to get the perfect shot — genius!

Improve the design of your phone

Robert didn't like how if his phone was on a flat surface when he was texting, his phone would wiggle about, which wasn't ideal. So he added two pads beside the button that was causing the problem and now it stays still and he can text without any worries.

Adapt your phone for a lanyard

Marco wanted to add a lanyard to his phone to stop him dropping it. So he used Sugru to mould a ring to his Otterbox case so he could clip it on!

Add a grip to your phone

One of the reasons people often drop their phones in the first place is because they lack grip, especially if the phone is a little damp or our hands are numb. Pollajack came up with a solution for this, by adding Sugru neatly around the corners of his iPhone. You could even make the grip stronger by adding texture to the Sugru before it cures!

Add lego to your phone

Everyone loves Lego, whether you're an adult or a kid, it doesn't matter. Lego phone cases are not only a really cool design, but they are also really clever as it opens up so many possibilities. But Lego phone cases are expensive and Nathan wasn't having any of it. So he made one himself with Sugru and we think it looks awesooome!

Or add LEGO to yourself... ouch!

When Paul broke his arm and had to wear a cast he was gutted because he couldn't play games on his phone like he did before. He just did not have the strength to hold his phone. He didn't let that stop him though, he used the magic that is the combination of Sugru + Lego to create a seriously awesome solution!

3. Repair broken parts of your phone

Here are some of the ways Sugru can help rebuild and replace missing parts from your phone. From broken plastic to smashed glass.

And for those of you who want to really get stuck in and repair your phone yourself from the inside out, check out the great smartphone repair guides from iFixit.

Repair your cracked screen

If the unthinkable has happened and you end up like this, Sugru might be able to help. Sugru fills weird gaps and sticks well to glass, so you can fill in the cracks on the edge of your phone, to help stop any further glass pieces from falling out.

Here we've used Snow White Sugru to repair the cracked screen at the bottom of our Marco's phone. (he looks pleased)

Step 1 — Clean the surface of the phone, removing any remaining loose pieces
Step 2 — Take a piece of Sugru and roll it between your fingers
Step 3 — Press the Sugru onto the damaged area (around the edge of the screen), and press down carefully with your finger.

24 hours later the Sugru will have turned into a durable rubber and your phone screen should be held in place and back in action!

When something breaks, get creative!

When Christian smashed the back of his phone on a fan he didn't pay lots of money for a replacement, he reached for his Sugru, got hands on and fixed it himself. And he got creative and added a personal touch using the imprint from his belt!

Replace missing volume buttons

A problem we've spotted online with older iPhone models is the volume buttons coming loose. They're difficult to find and people end up learning to live without them, but why should we when they're such an important part of the phone?!

When this happened to Dusan he created his own buttons using Sugru. He's even made a how-to guide to show you how to do it yourself.

Repair a damaged phone casing

When this Sugru-er burnt the plastic corner of his phone (we see fields, we're guessing festival!), he could have paid a lot of money to get it fixed. So he reached for his Sugru and added a new corner himself!

Check out our Gadgets & Tech section for loads more ideas to get you inspired. Oh, and if you're out shopping you can find your nearest store on our growing stockist map! (oooo look at all those new stockists in the US!)

Hey you made it all the way to the bottom! Good Job, here's a little throwback Thursday story. Back in in 2011 we released one of our earlier videos about bouncy Sugru bumpers — this was the little Sugru team back then :)

Now we're all like...

Build furniture with Meccano!

So everyone knows Meccano from their childhood. In case you aren't familiar, it's a brand of kids toys made up of metal strips, plates, wheels and gears that you connect together with nuts and bolts! Luckily now it's becoming possible to have fun with Meccano the grownup way.

Introducing Meccano Home!

Meccano Home is made up of 20 modules in all sorts of colours that can be combined into chairs, tables, consoles, standing tables and more (exciting right?) You buy them in sets and then build everything yourself, but it's not like standard flat-pack furniture. It's reconfigurable like the toy and you can mix and match all the parts.

This means you can transform them into totally different items of furniture when you want to. So when you get bored of something, you can just change it into something new.

What makes Meccano so special is its clever design of a screw and nut system, allowing you to put together and take apart the furniture without any damage. Let's face it, we all know the struggle with chipboard... You can even buy each piece of Meccano individually, perfect for a hands-on DIY-er who wants to design their home their way :)

If you like doing DIY your way or like finding new uses for things, then you'll probably dig Ikea Hackers!

Spotted on The Creative Home blog.

Keep on thinking differently Sugru-ers!

There is something pretty special about Sugru-ers — their ability to dream up ideas and solutions that many people just wouldn't think of. OK so a few of these ideas might be a little 'out there', but that's what makes them great — no one ever changed things by doing the same as everyone else.

It just goes to show how any of us can be original thinkers and challenge 'the norm'.

Here's to you Sugru-ers — keep thinking differently!

Improving your toolkit makes DIY even better

Anyone who loves a bit of DIY will be best friends with their tools. They make our lives so much easier and safer. Gruff added a bubble level to his drill so that he could keep it level on both horizontal and vertical surfaces! Then there's Tom. He loves his screwdriver but didn't love never having his screwdriver bits to hand. So he used the unstoppable combination of Sugru + magnets as a solution!

Don't let anything get in the way of capturing your adventures

Tom was lucky enough to be snowboarding out in the beautiful sunshine! He wanted to capture his adventures on his GoPro, but as the sun was so bright the footage was getting over-exposed. But that was no problem for Tom. He bought a cheap second case and used Sugru to stick an old sunglass lens to the front. Simply genius!

GoPro cameras are amazing, but Sugru can help make them work even better for you.

Turns out photographer Jeremy could have done with some Sugru back in 1954 on his first flight to Switzerland...

A small change can make a big difference

Remy could never remember which of the three switches was for his outdoor light, which is no fun at night. By adding a small blob of Sugru he now doesn't have to remember :)

Have clear vision when you swim

Mikael has quite a strong prescription which is less than ideal when swimming and prescription goggles aren't affordable. He noticed that he had several old pairs of glasses around his home along with regular swimming goggles. So he Sugru-ed them together!

A phone dock with a difference

David runs a wood club out of the school he teaches at. Their project was to make a docking station for a phone, which we can imagine is a rather hard task when you're working with wood! But together they came up with this lovely dock design where they secured the wire in using Sugru and it even looks shop bought!

Attach fog tail light to BMW top box

James wanted to have a fog light on his bike for bad weather days, but didn't want to have to wire in a special one. Being a Sugru-er he saw this problem as a project and used Sugru + magnets to attach a light to the back of his motorcycle that can be removed when he doesn't need it!

Make a baby chair Lego compatible

"As an Irish family living in Sweden and working in Denmark we just had to combine Sugru + IKEA + Lego!"

We just love this project, it's such a clever idea. Jill added Lego to her kids baby chair to not only make it better but to also make it a play space. She even added Lego to the bottle and bowl so they can click in place. She also made sure that the Lego tray can be removed and put in the dishwasher if things get a bit messy :)

Make Google glass wearable with prescription glasses

Charles is lucky enough to have a Google Glass, but he couldn't use it properly without his glasses. So he got a pair of cheap glasses, removed the frames and Sugru-ed the to the Google Glass. Voila!

Improve your tech and make it work for you

Keaton loves his Pebble, but he was fed up with the charger always falling out. With Sugru he was able to design his own solution!

Capture your holiday your way

Aaron wnted to be able to capture footage of not just the mountain, but the person boarding too! Being a Sugru-er he thought that there had to be a solution. So he made a genius custom mount out of a telescoping snow brush, a webbed strap, a GoPro mount and some Sugru!

"In this case, I used the black for the initial mount, and yellow to seal up some former screw holes that I didn't want water to get into."

Design your bathroom your way

Doesn't it drive you mad when the suction cup soap dishes keep falling off? Yet again the forever awesome combination of Sugru + magnets came to the rescue! She used this beautiful NZ paua shell as a soap dish that she can snap on and off when needed!

Reimagine your stuff

By reimagining our stuff we can help give products a second life. Pamela upcycled her old table and crockery to create this clever planter. She used Sugru to attach the cups to the saucers and then to the tabletop!

Personalise the space in your fridge

Delphine was faced with a problem that we're all familiar with, her fridge shelves were never quite the right height.

But did she accept this? No of course not, she's a Sugru-er so she found her own solution! By turning the wire shelf upside-down and Sugruing it in place her fridge is now just as she needs it :)

Now we think about it, why aren't fridge shelves all adjustable?

Safety first!

Fiona often wears a respirator mask at work, but couldn't wear her glasses at the same time. But luckily her friend Les is a Sugru-er. Now she doesn't have to choose between sight and safety!

Discover a new parenting secret

Juliane has a secret... she has discovered a way to make her kids tidy up after themselves using Sugru + Lego!

Her son Kobi wanted to have somewhere to park his Lego spaceship that was high enough for his little sister not to touch them. Little did Juliane know she had stumbled upon a new way to make her kids tidy up!

'Mum, where are my glasses? I've lost them again!'

Andrea's 10 year old daughter was forever losing her glasses. It was usually when heading out the door for the school run (not the most convenient of times!) So she used Sugru to attach her glasses case to the wall by the front door and now she can find them! One less thing to stress about in the morning.

Toys shouldn't be limited to what you can buy in the shops

Recently there's been a big backlash against brands being gender specific with the design and marketing of toys. So when we saw this project it really made us smile.

Kids have amazing imaginations, and toys sometimes struggle to keep up. So when Katie's daughter asked why Barbie couldn't be a firefighter Katie reached for her Sugru.

"I used Sugru to finish up the custom Barbie Firetruck I made for my daughter, you can see it attaches the ladder to the roof of the truck and bonds the two pieces of the ladder together."

These are just a few examples of how Sugru-ers think differently. You're full of all kinds of weird and wonderful ideas that put smiles on our faces everyday.

For loads more clever little ideas head over to our Home & DIY section and if you're out shopping this weekend, remember you're never far from a Sugru stockist!

It's all about the Totally DIY Awards!

Our mum's always told us 'no one likes a show off'. But will you let us off?

Last year Sugru won best hardware product at The Totally DIY Awards (woop!) And would you believe it, it's happened again... twice!

Look at Juan, Brian, Katie and Andrew from our Sales Team, trying their best not to look too smug after the Show :)

Now we just need to find a home for them at Sugru HQ... Go team!

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