Personalise your stuff - make the right impression

Whether it’s back to school or back to work, there are so many things to remember: sharpened pencils, new pens, shoes, oversized satchels, winter coats and … name tags.

Personalising your belongings is fun for you and the kids. Creative play we call it. And as Sugru bonds to almost anything – glass, metal, wood, ceramics and most plastics and fabrics – you can pretty much put your name to anything.

Tools to emboss your stuff:

- DIY Rubber Stamp Printing Kit
- A single-use pack of Sugru (colour of your choice)
- A glass of soapy water
- Stuff you want to emboss (well, … it’s technically deboss)

And this is how you do it.

Step 1: Take a pack of Sugru, pinch off a piece and rub onto the object you want to emboss. This creates your base layer.

Step 2: Pinch off another piece of Sugru and rub onto your base layer and make a smooth surface.

Step 3: Line up the letters you are going to use on the text plate.

Step 4: Dip letters into the soapy water.

Step 5: Press into the Sugru until you’ve left your impression.

Step 6: Leave to cure for 24 hours. And there you have it.

Now you can adorn your favourite mugs … packed lunch boxes … pencil cases … clothing … toys … stationery … laptops and tools with a durable, rubbery, waterproof customisation!

Get excited about back to school! Head over here for loads more Sugru projects to make the most of this fresh start of the year. And if you need some Sugru, it's over there!

Be creative!

We’ve collated some content, old and new, with inspiring thoughts on kids and creative learning, and how we are all born with an abundance of creative ideas and abilities. We really wanted to share inspiration with you, so have a look at our selection below!

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And of course, get inspiration for our gallery where doers share their best Sugru projects! Head here to get some Sugru.

Improve your speaker - make your music sound better outdoors

At last, summer is here! What's better than chilling at the park or the beach, enjoying the sun with good friends and good music?

For listening to your tunes while you're out and about, Bluetooth speakers have changed the game. But sometimes, the sound isn't as good as you hoped simply because you have to set your speakers on the ground.

By adding Sugru + Magnets, you can hang your speakers anywhere, making your music sound better. Check out our video:

Tools to improve your speaker:

- a tied cord
- a Sugru + Magnet kit (we'll use a single use pack + 2 magnets for this project)
- your speaker (hum... of course)
- and... that's it!

Let's see how it's done.

Step 1: Take half of your Sugru and stick it to the magnet in a cone shape

Step 2: Stick the magnet to your speaker and smooth the Sugru around it

Step 3: Split the Sugru you have left in two little balls; stick one of them to the other magnet and stick the cord to it

Step 4: Cover the cord with the other ball of Sugru and shape it to make sure the cord is well wrapped in Sugru

Step 5: Leave it all to cure for 24 hours, and that's it! Now, hang the cord on your beach umbrella...

or inside your tent...

and even around a tree branch!

Now you can enjoy your music everywhere!

Bring your garden indoors: let's make a floating herb garden

Where do the wild things grow?

Imagine an early sun rises across your morning. Before you reach for the kettle, you notice a handful of seedlings have sprung up overnight.

Before you know it, a vision of fragrant, green abundance appears in the form of a suspended herb garden. Not outside in a window box, courtyard or garden, but right under your nose – inside your kitchen window!

How is this possible? Well, this is exactly how…

Tools to create your floating herb garden:

- 4 clean, empty, glass jars (Kilner, mason, jam or pickled onions)
- 4 standard hose clamps (50mm–70mm in size)
- 4 packs of herb seeds of your choice
- 2 single use packs of Sugru
- 1 small amount of masking tape
- 1 small portion soil
- 1 screwdriver
- Some love

Before you begin this lovely botanical project, make sure your hands are clean, and your window is gleamingly free from dirt. Now follow these 5 simple steps to nurture nature’s miracles in jars.

Step 1: Press a pinch of Sugru onto the glass window in your chosen position – this is your base layer.

Step 2: Press half a pack of Sugru onto the back of the hose clamp screw mechanism and shape into a pyramid. Avoid applying Sugru to the actual screw.

Step 3: Slowly, but firmly, stick the hose clamp onto the Sugru you fixed onto the glass window (Sugru to Sugru). Shape the edges of the Sugru smooth to secure the hose clamp in place.

Step 4: Use masking tape to hold the hose clamp in place for 24 hours while the Sugru sets. You can also stick a ball of Sugru to the window to support the jar.

Step 5: Once the Sugru has set into rubber, attach the jar to the hose clamp, tighten with a screwdriver and get planting. Add the soil, sow your seeds and follow the growing instructions on the seed packets.

Beauty is in the eye of the jar-holder.

Get excited about bringing a garden indoors! If you need to top up, it's over here. And if you're lucky enough to have a real-life garden, head over here for more projects to add a little DIY to your outdoors.

Changed your mind? No need to panic. Sugru is removable. Simply cut it off with a sharp knife and rub the surface clean. Check out our explanatory page for full instructions on how to remove it:

Get your car ready for a road trip

Yeaaah! The sunny weather is finally here, and we all know that's the perfect time to plan a road trip.

After all, there's no better feeling than the freedom of driving. Your favourite track on the radio, the horizon in your sights, just you and your friends or family making your way somewhere great.

Don't let awkward breaks or bad design hold you back. Watch this video for 4 awesome ways to get your car holiday ready, and hit the road with peace of mind this summer.

Sugru is ideal for these projects because it bonds well to most materials, and if you decide to sell your car or upgrade your gadgets, it's removable!

You can shape your Sugru fixes to suit any car, as well as adding personal touches with a custom colour. Need to top up on Sugru? Head over to the Sugru shop.

1. Repair cracked plastic

Save yourself a time-consuming trip to the mechanics - or an expensive replacement part! - and repair the cracked plastic of your wing mirror with Sugru.

Sugru loves the outdoors, so even if it rains during your road trip, you'll be fully prepared. (We'll cross our fingers that it doesn't!)

2. Make handy hooks

Spending a lot of time in a car with a lot of people always leads to one thing: mess!

Here's a really handy way to keep your stuff organised while you're on the move. Make yourself some handy Sugru hooks and you'll be able to keep your road-trip essentials (like your sunglasses!) within reach at all times. Easy to grab and easy to replace.

3. Get your cables under control

Technology is awesome, and it can be essential when planning a road-trip. You've got your GPS for direction and your iPod for music... but what about all those pesky cables? They're always going to get in the way!

Conquer spaghetti cable mountain and keep your car clutter-free, with this great way to organise your wires with Sugru.

4. Fix awkward snaps

Ahh, the radio! Sometimes it's the only thing that keeps us sane on those long drives.

So, whether you're catching up on the football scores or singing your heart out, make sure your aerial is in top working order with Sugru!

Whether you're on two wheels or four, (or three!), Sugru is ideal for keeping you on the road. Head over here for loads more ways Sugru can help fix and adapt your ride.

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