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Secure a wobbly D-lock Prevent mid-ride wobbles

Secure a wobbly D-lock

My big beefy D-lock is strong and tough, but it comes with the wimpiest clip for storing it on your bike. After about 4 months of having this lock the chock part that clips onto the bike (see metal attachment on left in the picture) would fall off whenever I opened the lock, and when it was clipped onto my bike it was always flapping around. So annoying! The lock was expensive and has a high security rating so I didn't want to get a new one. sugru sounded like it would fix my problem, but as it was early days I had to WAIT until it was available to buy. 

Anyway, after what seemed like FOREVER (but was probably about 2 months) I finally got some sugru. I took the chock off the lock and put some sugru around the shaft where the chock normally sits. Then I put the chock back on over the sugru squishing it all into place. I put some sugru over the end of the chock to stop if from falling off. With the leftover sugru I put some on the other end of the lock (so it didn't look uneven) and used some as a bumper on the locking part. 

Nearly 2 years later, this is still working perfectly. It's a bit grubby because I cycle commute and use it almost every (working) day, but it does the job. The chock is held really stiffly in place which is absolutely perfect, and I've saved a lot of money by not having to buy a new lock. THANK YOU SUGRU! Jenny, Yorkshire.

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