Make stylish mugs out of jam jars

Sugru-er Ed, from Burgess Studio wanted to fix a tea problem. Specifically, how to get four cups of hot tea, for him and his colleagues, from the kitchen downstairs, up to the studio in a single trip. It's not as easy as it sounds.

"You need to keep one hand free to operate the doors between us and the kitchen, and also to distribute the cups when you arrive. The shiny white stairs make using a tray nerve-wracking, and if you try to just fist-grab four mugs they slip about and boiling tea goes everywhere. It's always two trips."

Ed's brilliant solution uses Sugru Mouldable Glue, a few forks, jam jars and a big ol' dash of genius, to make this beautiful and unique set of mugs. Recreate this fantastic idea with hexagonal jars if, you too, are keen on the single-trip tea rounds. Or if you're simply loving this quirky design, any shape jar will do! 

Please note: If you'd like to try out this project, ensure your jars are suitable for use with boiling liquids. Please also ensure the Sugru you have applied is fully set and the bond is strong before using the mugs. Test out the strength of your mug handles by filling up your mugs with cold water before using them with hot liquids.

Think hexagonal

Jars arranged to allow easy lifting with one hand

Grab four hexagonal jam jars. With this shape, the mugs will fit nicely together so that you can carry them all at the same time. With one hand, no less.

Gather your kit

A jar, fork and Sugru laid out on table

Gather what you need to create each mug — a jam jar, a fork and a single-use pack of Sugru

Step 1

Fork bent over into shape of a handle

Bend the forks to the shape you want and check that they fit flush with the side of the jam jar.

Step 2

Sugru flattened by jar

Open your pack of Sugru and knead it for a few seconds. Pinch off a small piece and put it to the side for now.

Roll the larger piece into a ball and press onto the jam jar.

Press the jam jar firmly onto the Sugru to ensure a good bond.

Step 3

Small ball of Sugru on fork and jar with large piece of Sugru on it

Roll the smaller piece of Sugru into a ball and apply it to the bottom of your fork handle. Press the top of the fork handle firmly into the large piece of Sugru already on the jam jar, prongs first.

Align the bottom of the fork handle and press firmly onto the jam jar, so that the little piece of Sugru squezes between the two.

To ensure a strong bond, cover the fork prongs with the excess Sugru that squidges though.

Step 4

bent fork attached to jar

Ensure a strong bond by embedding the fork prongs in the Sugru. Use the excess Sugru that has squeezed out to cover the prongs. Make sure the Sugru edges are flush with jar and the fork, to create an optimum bond.

TIP: Use a little soapy water on the Sugru to get a nice and smooth finish.

Step 5

Hand holding four jam jar mugs simultaneously

Sugru sets in 12-24 hours, but as this is a load-bearing project, allow up to 48 hours for it to fully set. 

Play it safe: Once the Sugru has set, please test out the strength of your mug handles by filling up your mugs with cold water before using them with hot liquids.

Repeat steps 1- 5 for each jar to complete your mug set.

Ta-dahh! You have created your very own unique jam jar mugs!

Thanks to Ed and the team at Burgess Studio for this great idea.

Time to put the kettle on.

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