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How to make a tin of tiger food.

Warning: This contains a story about other people's kids, you may want to run away at this point and/or get your sick bag out! :)

Instead of the usual imaginary friend most two-year-olds have, my daughter has three imaginary tigers. No idea why. Her favourite book is The Tiger who came to tea in which a little girl buys a big tin of tiger food in a shop. You can see where this is going...........right?

"Daddy, can we go to shop and get tiger food for my tigers too? Please?"

Sounds like an opportunity to have a bit of fun to me!


  • Empty tin of beans
  • Plastic "keep it fresh" lid for tins of beans/etc.
  • sugru
  • Your imagination

Step 1

Empty can on table with Sugru packet next to it

Most cans have a razor-sharp rim on the inside, even the ring-pull ones like this one. This would be a disaster for small hands reaching in to get out the tiger food!

Step 2

Empty can lined with Sugru

Coat the sharp rim with sugru to make it kid safe. We used two packets to make it nice and thick, but you might get away with one.

Step 3

Custom label applied to can

Fire up Photoshop and design a label for the can - let your imagination run riot! We put multicoloured tigers, a bar code, a brand name and an ingredients list on ours because we got a bit giddy.

Print off the label and stick it to the can (remember to make the label longer than the circumference of the can so there's overlap). I also recommend covering the label with the sticky plastic you use for covering schoolbooks, as this label didn't last long and we had to make a replacement.

Cap it off with one of those plastic lids for keeping tinned food fresh.

Step 4

Shopping for Tiger Food

Custom can on store shelf

Finally, plant it on the pet food isle in a Supermarket and let your kid find it. I recommend videoing it, because it's entertaining (and I'm a saddo).

Oh, and if you want extra chuckles I recommend going up to the checkout girl that looks hungover, like we did. Took the poor girl a while to work out why it wasn't scanning...