How to mix Sugru to match any colour

Does sugru also come in purple? Pink? Orange? Green? We get these kinds of questions quite a lot and the answer is always: Yes! – How cool is that?

sugru comes in primary colours as well as black and white meaning that you can make virtually any colour by mixing sugru together!

We've made this colour mixing guide for you, so you can perfectly match sugru to any colour!


  • sugru!

Step 1

We've made this handy colour mixing chart, so it easy for you to see how to mix your sugru to colour match anything! Starting at red...

Step 2

...and ending at white! (We've got the whole colour spectrum covered!)

Remember you can vary these amounts and mixes to make all the colours in-between!

Next, we'll show you how to actually colour mix sugru!

Step 3

First up, tear off the right quantities of sugru that you need to make your perfect custom colour!

TOP TIP: It's best to start off mixing lighter and then gradually get darker, as opposed to start dark and get lighter! So start with larger quantities of lighter colours first!

Step 4

Squish them together and start to knead them in your fingers!

Step 5

Keep kneading and you'll start to see the colours marble (at first)...

Step 6

...and after a little while, the sugru will mix to make a fully blended colour! And there you have it!

Remember, you can always add more of one particularly colour if you need it to be darker/lightly/slightly redder etc! The possibilities are endless!