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Sugru is a soft-touch mouldable glue that feels like Play-Doh, can be formed into any shape and sticks to most materials. Use it to repair broken toys, build new ones, and refurbish collectibles. It sets strong and turns into a durable, flexible rubber that is grippy, weatherproof, electrically insulating and removable.

Who said fixing is just for grown-ups?

“Play is the work of the child” – Maria Montessori

Kids live in their imaginations. They’re naturally inventive. The whole family loves using Sugru Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula to fix and customise old toys and collectibles, and create whole new worlds.

Why is Sugru so clever?

Here are just some of the ways it can spark our imagination.

Fix A Beloved Toy

After much play getting bashed around and squashed into cupboards, a well-loved toy can often lose vital components, like a head. But it doesn’t have the mean game over. Sugru bonds securely to lots of materials including wood, metal, glass, ceramic, and most plastics, even some fabrics, so there aren’t many toys it can’t fix.

Recover From Misadventure

The same goes for broken arms and legs nothing should get in the way of imaginative play. Sugru will bond all sorts of different materials and odd shapes. It also comes in 10 seriously playful colours so you can go for a seamless fix or make Woody’s fracture a feature.

You Make The Magic

Even fairly ambitions fixes like facial reconstruction are easy with this malleable silicone putty. Simply build and shape, and overnight Sugru turns into a strong and durable rubber. See, dreams can come true.


In 1998, Furby became the first mass-produced baby robot selling over 40 million in its first three years. Ever since, devoted fans and collectors share technical repair, restoration and creative customisation advice on blogs and forums. Watch this complete Furby makeover video including a Sugru beak-o-plasty – commonly known as a beak job.

Premier League Upgrade

Games like table football can take a lot bashing from little kids and the big kids alike. Repair and replace worn out and broken parts with Sugru. Make new grippy handles, measure counters and balls. You can even mix the colours to match team kits. Play on.

Rebuild Missing Parts

Nothing is worse than ordering new toys or rare collectibles only to find key parts are missing. There’s no need to panic when you’ve got some Sugru to hand. Check out the fabulous new footwear (courtesy of the House of Sugru) on these vintage Flatsy dolls.

Make Custom Dolls

Intricate customisation work on collectibles involves acute concentration, plenty of patience, quite a bit of skill and the right tools and materials. Enter Sugru the high-performance adhesive with unique mouldability. Just look at the immaculate Sugru curls on this 3-inch L.O.L. custom doll.

Create New Characters

Some things are definitely meant to be modified. All it takes is a little imagination and a touch of Sugru to transform any old toy into something really special.

Invent New Toys

Toy mash-ups are not only the coolest things to do with old stuff, but they’re also fun to make. Instead of sending broken or discarded toys to landfill, allow Sugru to ignite creativity and invent brand new ones.


Fix for Mr Robot

Micah Alukwu loves a creative challenge. He was eight when he first got his hands on Sugru Family-Safe | Skin-Friendly Formula. He used it to fix his Star Wars gun and toy robot. He even showed his dad how to repair a broken teapot. See how he fixed his robot.

Taylor Drumkit


Fix for Arthur

Stefanie’s son Arthur was so upset when his best friend and favourite toy, Elmo, came a cropper and lost one of his eyes. Like every resourceful mom, she quickly reached for the Sugru and performed some emergency eye surgery. Just watch little Arthur’s elation at the end of this how-to video once he and Elmo are reunited. It’s enchanting!

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