Sugru: Great for colour mixing!

Sugru comes in primary colours and black and white. But did you know it's really easy to mix Sugru to make new colours? This is great for invisible fixes or fixes in your favourite colour. To make it even easier, we made a colour mixing guide and a colour mixing chart.

Mix and match your Sugru colours for invisible fixes

Is there purple Sugru? Pink Sugru? Orange Sugru? Green Sugru? We get these kinds of questions quite a lot and the answer is always: Yes! - How cool is that? You can simply knead Sugru pieces together and make any colour you want, it's as easy as mixing play-doh. We've made our colour chart to help you create exactly the right shade, and our colour mixing guide shows you how simple it really is. With these you can colour match Sugru to make it fit into your colour scheme. Our community has sent us awesome projects that involve colour mixing, so to inspire you we have - in addition to our Sugru colour matching chart - collected some of our favourites here. Happy mixing!