Use your phone’s camera

It’s usually better than apps

Shoot in natural daylight

Avoid using a flash if possible

Clean your camera’s lens (and your fix)

Show off your handiwork

Make sure your fix is obvious

Unless it’s an “invisible” repair, of course

Prepare your shots by framing them well

Either as close-ups on a plain background, or wider shots in context

Before you shoot, get focussed

Tap the screen where your fix is in the shot

Pick your platform

You can also send your snaps directly to us via email here. We also love it when you share your projects with your friends and our community on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Simply tag @sugru and use the hashtag #mysugrufix. Alternatively, you can upload everything into the form below.

Good luck, we're rooting for ya!

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Upload Photos

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A few of our favourite #mysugrufix fixes