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How to make a child friendly wardrobe from toys

Every parent knows the dreaded floordrobe. It's like a monster, all jumper arms and trouser legs, as your kids get home from school and their uniform ends up in a crumpled heap near the bed. Argh!

Inspire your kids to take more control and get their clothes off the floor. Watch this video and discover an affordable solution to re-purpose toys they no longer play with into fun hooks using Sugru.

Sugru is ideal for this project because it bonds to most materials, which means you can turn anything you already have lying around the home into a hook. There's no need to buy expensive new fittings!

For this project, you'll need one single-use pack.

Step 1 – Roll one single-use pack of Sugru into two balls and press them firmly onto your object. Then mould them into pyramid shapes with your fingers.

Step 2 – Press firmly onto the door so Sugru pushes out the sides. Then gently rub the edges to make it nice and smooth.

Step 3 – Use masking tape to hold the toy in place and leave it to set.

In 24 hours, your kids won’t be able to resist hanging their clothes on their awesome new hooks. Hooray!

There's a satisfaction to solving problems and saving money at the same time, especially when you can get hands on.

Check out these affordable, DIY solutions for everyday problems.

More money-saving ideas for everyday problems

1. Fix your fridge

Save money on expensive replacement pieces. Fix the broken plastic in your fridge with Sugru!

2. Fix broken toys

A well-loved toy can help create new worlds, start adventures, and be a child's best friend. But accidents happen... and when they do, buying a replacement just doesn't cut it (we've all seen Toy Story).

Forget the replacement. Fix broken toys with Sugru!

3. Make awesome storage solutions

We all find treasures on our travels — those little mementos that remind you of an amazing place we visited and don’t want to forget.

Instead of spending money on expensive storage fittings, why not capture that piece of your holiday and give it a new purpose at home! Every time you use it you'll be transported somewhere special.

4. Conquer shoe mountain

Shoes are awkward, you can't fold them, stack them or hang them up. It's like they have a mind of their own and somehow always seem to end up in a disorganised shoe mountain!

Here's an affordable yet quirky way to keep them organised... with Sugru and tennis balls!