How to make a child friendly wardrobe from toys

Repurpose some of the toys they no longer play with into fun hooks using Sugru. This is one of our favourite hacks and a really fun way to empower kids to enjoy taking more control and getting their jackets, bags and clothes in their rightful place (and not in a crumpled heap on the floor!). The added bonus is, of course, that there's no need to go shopping for new fittings - just have fun together choosing which toys to use! 

toy with sugru foot

step 1 - stick & shape

Start by collecting your pick of toys, packs of Sugru (depending on how many toys you want to use as well as their size), scissors and masking tape. Open the Sugru and separate into 3 or 4 balls. Sick and shape them to the base of the toy into a cone, and press firmly on the surface you want to stick it to. 

toy with sugru on foot

Step 2 - rub it

Once you are happy with the positioning, rub the Sugru so that it is smooth and neat. 

toy with masking tape on it

Step 3 - Secure it

Using some masking tape, secure the toy so that it doesn't get accidentally pulled down (by gravity or a little cheeky someone!) and leave it to set for 24 hours.

toy on wardrobe with sugru and hand

step 4 - turns into rubber

After 24 hours, Sugru turns into rubber! Remove the masking tape and voila - you've got yourself a secure hook fixture. Now the kids can be empowered to keep tidy and they have more space to just be kids! 

kids wardrobe made with old toys hung up with sugru

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