How to make an iPad wall mount

Loads of our users have been making Sugru iPad mounts in their kitchen so we thought we would give it a go ourselves. This is super handy for browsing through recipes or getting some light entertainment whilst cooking.

Sugru is perfect for this project because it bonds to most materials and doesn't require any nails or screws - super useful if your kitchen is tiled. Its rubbery qualities make it really easy to place the iPad. PLUS Sugru is removable from non porous surfaces - great if you rent rather than own your property.


  • 2 x single-use foil packs of Sugru
  • Cling film
  • Washing up liquid
  • Pencil

Step 1

three balls of Sugru being held

Knead together your two packs of Sugru. Take a small amount for the top clip (about 1/3 of a pack) and divide the remaining Sugru in two for the bottom shelves. We've done some fun colour mixing here. If you want to create a custom colour for your kitchen then check out this handy guide .

Step 2

iPad covered in cling film being held onto wall with positions being marked on wall

Start by wrapping your iPad in cling film. Mark on the wall two points underneath the iPad about a quarter of the way in on both sides and one point at the top in the middle.

Step 3

Sugru hooks stuck onto kitchen wall

Take the two larger pieces of Sugru and press into the bottom points. Shape them into shelves just thicker than the iPad.

Step 4

Top clip of Sugru moulded with hands

Use the remaining smaller piece to build your top clip. This should be slightly longer so that it can wrap over the top of the iPad. This is what secures the iPad in place.

Step 5

Washing up fluid rubbed onto wrapped iPad

Rub a small amount of washing up liquid along the top and bottom of the wrapped iPad.

Step 6

iPad positioned on Sugru holds

Now to position your iPad in place. Start by pressing the bottom side into the bottom shelves of Sugru. Then lift up the top clip and place the iPad underneath it.

Step 7

Sugru moulded to better hold iPad in place on wall

Slightly press the tops of the shelves around the base of the iPad. Do not wrap them round too much as gravity will make them droop. These shelves are just for support, it is the top clip that secures the iPad in place.

Step 8

Top clip folded infront of iPad with hand

Fold the top clip over the top and front of the iPad. It only needs to wrap about a centimetre over the front of the iPad to hold it in place.

Step 9

Three Sugru clips left on wall

Remove the iPad by sliding it out of the side, the soapy water should make this possible. Once removed press the top clip in tight to the wall (but do not make contact with the wall or any other Sugru). This will help it keep the iPad tight and secure against the wall once it has cured. Leave the Sugru to cure for a good 24 hours before testing.

Step 10

iPad being held by Sugru on kitchen wall

After 24 hours just slide your iPad into place and get cooking in style!