If it’s broken, fix it!

Everyday practical problem-solving is a beautiful form of creativity, and just a little subversive.


If it’s not broken, improve it.

A tiny tweak can transform how something works for years to come.


And if it doesn’t exist, make it.

Everyone is inherently creative—even if we don’t think we are.


Give your stuff a longer life.

In a world that’s full of waste, every fix counts.


Disposability is a choice.

When we double the life of our things, we halve what goes to landfill.


Resist needless trends and upgrades.

Fixing frees us from the tyranny of the new.


Embrace the stuff we already have.

Let’s use our imagination to keep it, use it, love it, fix it.


A fixed thing is a beautiful thing.

Every fix tells a story.


Nurture curiosity.

Anything can be learned by doing.


Share your ideas.

With each fix, we build a global movement for positive change.


Fixing is good.

It’s good for us, and good for the planet. So, let’s make it a way of life.

Download the posters

Get the Fixer’s Manifesto 2.0, or the awesome illustrated version by Animade. If you're feeling extra creative, choose the DIY version that you can illustrate yourself. Whichever you choose, display it with pride. And don't forget to share a pic of wherever you hang yours, we'd love to see.

We love to collaborate with creative people, so we teamed up with Animade.

When we got the chance to work with award-winning London based studio Animade, we jumped at the chance. We love how they combined playfulness with purpose to create this awesome poster and set of animations.