Make mini-shelves with Sugru

Turn handles to holders

Repurpose IKEA door handles into mini-shelves with Sugru Mouldable Glue, and display all your mini favourites.

Wanna try? Follow the super simple guide below!

Door handles turned into small shelves with Sugru

Step 1

Gather your stuff. All you need is:

Step 2

Mark the wall where you want to mount your shelf onto. Grab a pinch of Sugru and smudge it into the wall to create a base layer for the bulk of your Sugru. Repeat this for wherever your bulk Sugru will come into contact with the wall. This smudging technique is particularly effective for porous surfaces.

Step 3

Take 1/2 a single-use pack of Sugru and roll into two balls. Press them onto either end of the door handle spine and shape into them into cones.

Step 4

Press the door handle Sugru first into 2 smudged base layers on the wall. Press down around the edges of the Sugru so that there are no gaps or shadows, and make sure the Sugru is flush with both surfaces, to ensure a good bond.

Step 5

Use masking tape to hold the Sugru in place whilst it sets. Sugru sets in 12-24 hours, however as this is a load-bearing application, allow the Sugru to set for 48 hours before using.

Step 6

Once the Sugru has set, the mini-shelves are ready for you to populate with all your little treasures.

Need some Sugru for this project?