'One of the most sustainable things that we can do is to keep what we already own.' So says the wonderful Addie Fisher, a sustainable living enthusiast, thrift fashion lover and founder of the blog Old World New. We totally agree.

Addie Fisher smiling

But what do we do when accidents happen? And they are bound to happen, especially with the little ones' stuff. Because let's face it, kids attract scuffs, scrapes and stains. 

Enter the phenomenal world of repair. With so many mending and repair kits available (for practically anything you can think of), you don't necessarily need to learn a set of complicated skills to get your stuff fully functioning again.

Addie Fisher demonstrated this beautifully using the Humade CreateMe Gold Textile Kit – so handy and designed to celebrate visible repair. If you haven't yet come across it, the kit contains gold iron-on patches to mend or revive your clothes the stylish way. Addie used the kit to fix a hole in her son's linen trousers, a piece of clothing both she and her son adored. 

Here's what she had to say about it: 

"Because I really love these linen pants on my son, I was dramatically broken-hearted when he first fell and tore them. After that, they sat untouched for a few months because I had no clue how to fix them while maintaining their beauty. The Humade Gold Iron-On Textile Kit changed that immediately. It made it easy to repair the pants, and it even gave them a new level of elegance with the golden designs. Somehow, he managed to scuff one repaired knee again soon after I gilded the pants with the patches. I’m not even worried – I was actually immediately excited to create a new design over it! Now, to find more forgotten items in our closets that I can repair…"

Trousers repaired with Humade Create Me Gold Patches

Addie Fisher shares her step-by-step guide

A pair of trousers with a hole

Iron out the kinks

Prepare your clothes before applying the patches. Make sure they're clean and the area you want to add your patches to is ironed and wrinkle-free. This is to ensure that the patches get ironed on smoothly.

Get designing

This is the fun part. The Humade Create Me Gold Textile Kit has over 100 shapes from which to choose. Or, if you're feeling particularly crafty, the pack also includes a sheet from which you can cut out your own patterns – a brilliant way to showcase your artistic flair.

Humade gold patches applied to trousers
Iron used to press on Humade gold patches to trousers

Press it on

The patches are backed with a shiny plastic covering. With the plastic side facing upwards, place the baking paper provided onto your design and press down with the iron for 15 seconds at 150ºC without steam. Remove the shiny plastic backing, and, placing the backing paper on top again, iron your design for a few more seconds for good measure.


A quick, easy and exciting project that makes your clothes last longer and adds a unique and eye-grabbing touch 🤩.

Trousers repaired with Humade Create Me Gold Patches