It was George Bernard Shaw, and latterly Grace Jones, who said: Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” It’s true, and our wardrobes are collections of cherished items, carefully selected over time, to reflect who we are. So, it’s always heartbreaking when our favourite clothes get stained or snagged.

Ashley Cramp from Lazy Daisy Jones

But these days there are all sorts of clever kits available to help you keep you loving your clothes for longer. We caught up with Ashley Cramp, the wonderful lifestyle blogger behind Lazy Daisy Jones, a blog dedicated to 'simple, sustainable style, slow fashion, green clean beauty, and modern rustic interiors. Divine.

Ashley shared her brilliant clothing repair projects using with us.

Check it out.

Clothes mended with create me gold patches by humade

Cover up holes & stains

The Create Me Gold Textile Kit by Humade is just what you need to rescue and revive your clothes. With over 100 iron-on gold shapes you can hide stains, cover small holes or bring an old piece back from the dead with a fresh new look. Ashley did just that and was able to save a much-loved but badly stained sweatshirt that was rendered unwearable and mended a pair of joggers too!

Ashley's tips on using the Create Me Gold Textile Kit:

  • Before you start, press the area to which you will be applying the gold patch. This ensures it can be transferred smoothly. Choose your gold patch from the shapes available or cut out your own design.
  • If you are mending a hole, cut a piece from the felt provided and position it under the hole from the underside of the garment. The gold patch will go on top of the hole from the outside.
  • The patches are backed with a shiny plastic covering. Place the patch on the garment with the plastic side facing upwards and cover it with the baking sheet provided. 
  • Press with the iron for 15 seconds to allow the patch to transfer. Remove the shiny plastic backing and press again for a few more seconds, with the baking sheet on top.

Good as new.

Repair your woollens

Pesky moths or peeving door handles, whatever's making holes in your woollens, Woolfiller is your weapon of choice. Enjoy needle-felting the fun and colourful way with these exclusive colours.

Ashley repaired a hole in a favourite jumper and was chuffed with the results. Here are her tips:

  • Place the foam block on the underside of the hole. This protects the under layers of clothing and the surface you're working on.
  • Apply a small amount of wool, in the colour of your choosing, on top of the hole.
  • Repeatedly punch the wool into the garment using the needle.
  • Apply more wool if needed. When a nice, firm layer has covered the hole, repeat the process on the underside of the hole to make your repair more secure.
  • Trim any loose fluff away and lightly press the area.
Jumper mended with Woolfiller
Ashley Cramp's collection of kits, fabric and a jumper pattern

D.I.Y. - Design it yourself

If it doesn't exist yet, make it yourself! Ashley created a lovely long-sleeved t-shirt with a gold-patched motif that she designed herself with the help of the textile kit and a Merchant & Mills Indispensable Notions Sewing Box.

And the result...

Simply splendid. Thanks, Ashley! 🌟

Ashley Cramp wearing the top she created