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Converse trainers with flowers inside

Repair is in the air

Converse have recently opened up a 'Renew Lab' in Australia, where people can take in their old chucks that have seen better days, and get them looking as right as rain again. Woohoo! Their services range from a deep clean to a sole re-glue, as well as customising options like natural indigo dying and custom embroidery lettering using recycled thread.

With artwork on the walls created from repurposed items from the local area and surfaces throughout the store made from 100% post-consumer waste by @preciousplasticmelbourne, the Renew Lab is truly a sight for sore eyes. And we can't wait to see more popping up on high streets all over the world. 🤞

And don't forget...

You can always repair cracks and tears on your shoes, or simply customise them with Sugru for a super unique look!

Converse trainers customised with Sugru

It's the little things

It's official. We CAN make a difference to our everyday with minimal effort. 💃🕺

The Guardian's '100 ways to slightly improve your life without really trying' has got us feeling better about those big New Year's resolutions we may or may not have already broken! 😅

Take a look and see which habits you can slot into your daily routine, hassle-free. Easy-peasy.

Glennon Doyle podcast We can do hard things

Is 'New year, new you' a ridiculous way to start the new year?

Speaking of resolutions, we enjoyed this snippet of Glennon Doyle telling us what she thinks of the 'New year, new you' cliché. Do you agree? 

Glennon Doyle is an author and host of the 'We Can Do Hard Things' podcast, where together with her sister, they discuss everyday hardships. Check it out.

The film everyone's been talking about

'Don't Look Up' is Adam McKay's new satirical science fiction film, now available to stream on Netflix. Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, this tale of two astronomers trying to warn the world of the impending doom caused by a comet heading their way, is said to be a metaphor for the climate crisis. 

It seems to have everyone divided on whether they loved it, or absolutely hated it. 🤣

Poster for film Don't look up
Glennon Doyle podcast We can do hard things

The power of sharing

Even if some of us have scrapped the resolutions this year, we'll still always be striving for improvement and setting ourselves goals to get there. If you're aiming to buy less this year, then prepare to be motivated by the Buy Nothing podcast. A collection of inspiring stories that show us the importance of a local gifting economy, from people who truly walk the sustainability walk. Let's go!

A very sustainable year

Author, sustainability coach and mentor, Jen Gale a.k.a @sustainableish, is just the person to get eco-friendly living tips from. An avid believer in choosing progress over perfection, Jen and her family lived a 'Make Do and Mend Year' a few years back. And this year, using many of the same principles, she's progressed onto the mammoth challenge of buying #NothingNewIn22. We salute you Jen. 

Be sure to check out Sugru founder Jane's chat with Jen Gale over on Instagram Live on Monday 31st January 2022 at 7pm EDT. They'll be discussing the ins and outs of what this year will look like for Jen. This'll be a good'un.

Poster for film Don't look up
Glennon Doyle podcast We can do hard things

Sugru has become a meme!

We never would've guessed it, but the recent focus on the Downing Street report, and particularly the spotlight on civil servant Sue Gray in the UK media, has sparked quite a bit of attention for Sugru on Twitter. Thank you to the Sugru community for the witty wordplay. We've always wanted to be a meme!

Support from the top

President of the United States, Joe Biden has shown his backing for the Right to Repair and has acknowledged the problematic practices of many big electronics companies that monopolise the markets. 

“The right to repair... It sounds kind of silly saying it that way, but we call it the right to repair and it’s literal.”

Fingers crossed we'll be seeing more global support from the very top. 

Joe Biden