Improve the performance of your speakers with 3D printed Sugru feet

Audiophiles, here is a little known fact about Sugru: moulding this wonder material into cones for your speakers will isolate sound vibrations, meaning you get nicer tunes and fewer complaints from the neighbours. Not just technically impressive, they look pretty darn good too.

You can easily mould these clever little cones by hand, but for the perfectionists among us, we’ve designed a 3D printed mould so you can produce precision cones yourself.

Download the 3D file for free from MakerBot's Thingiverse (, the world's largest 3D printing community, print it at home or find your local 3D printer at 3D Hubs (

Step 1 — Coat the mould

Paint a light coat of soapy water (that’s just a drop of dish soap in water) onto the inside of the mould and shake off the excess.

Step 2 — Press in your Sugru

Roll half a pack of Sugru into a sausage and press into the mould. 

Step 3 - Press and twist

Press the Sugru slowly and firmly onto your speaker and twist gently from side to side.

Step 4 - Remove excess Sugru

Sugru will extrude through the hole in the top of the mould and out the sides. Remove this excess Sugru.

Step 5 - Remove the mould

Gently lift off the mould to reveal a perfectly formed Speaker foot. Clean any more excess with a dry tissue and repeat for all 4 feet per speaker.

Step 6 - Let it cure

Leave the Sugru to cure for 24 hours and then enjoy your new and improved speakers!