How to fix volume buttons on iPhone

I have an old iPhone 3gs that is still functional and I like it, but the volume buttons have fallen out (common issue with this model), so here is how you can fix it with some sugru!

Kit list

  • sugru
  • Two small screws

Step 1


Here is how it looks. Sometimes only the plastic part falls out and metal piece that actually presses the tiny buttons inside remains, but in my case everything got lost.

Step 2


First, clean the metal part between the contacts with a very small amount of alcohol, and then dry it. This is the main sticking point for sugru.

Step 3


Because something metal is needed to push the buttons, two small screws that you can probably find laying around are perfect! They should fit the holes, so try it first.

Step 4


Model a sugru worm and stick the screws in its ends. Measure it to the hole in the iPhone and eventually cut the sides of your worm, or lengthen it a bit more. This pic is at about half of the modeling process.

Step 5


Glue the middle part of sugru to the metal plate in the iPhone and make sure that screws hit the right spot. I was rather conservative in design here, replicating the original button shape.

Step 6


In the end glue two small balls of sugru. It looks better than the iPhone 5! :)

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This is indeed a great help. The iPhone is one fashionable cell phone. It has been the handset of choice for the “hipper” in our midst for a while, but there is something to give one pause about getting one. Namely, they are delicate, a fussbudget, and costly to fix, as one study estimates upward of $5.9 billion has been spent on iPhone repairs since the phone was launched in 2007. Check more here.

This is a fantastic fix. Love the use of screws, very smart. oh, and great guide.

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