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How to replace worn-off lettering on appliances

My Viking stove had seen its better years. I inherited the stove with much of the lettering missing, and it always pained me to see it faded. But Sugru allowed me to revive the stove so it looks brand new!


  • Tongue depressor or popsicle stick
  • Q-tips or paper towels
  • Magic eraser
  • Sugru

Step 1

Hob with worn letters

Make sure your surface is clean.

Step 2

Sugru spread into worn letters with popsicle stick

Use a tongue depressor or popsicle stick to firmly press Sugru into lettering areas.

Step 3

All letters and images covered in Sugru

Use clean end of stick to scrape off excess.

Step 4

Excess Sugru wiped away from hob

Wipe off fine excess with a dry paper towel.

Step 5

Clean stove with letters in black

You can finely clean with a damp q-tip and magic eraser, taking care using a light touch so you don't remove the Sugru in the etchings.

Step 6

Knobs replaced and letters covered in Sugru

Finished brand new looking stove top!

Step 7

Stove with worn letters and missing all knobs

Old stove top for comparison.