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Meet Sugru - The world's first mouldable glue

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Jane — Inventor and CEO of Sugru

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6 brilliant camping hacks with Sugru

6 brilliant camping hacks for your next adventure

Be prepared for anything with Sugru

Rain boots fixed with Sugru

How to fix your rain boots

The best way to patch up leaks in your wellies

Torch hanging from tent roof with Sugru and magnets

How to make a reading light for your tent

With Sugru and magnets you can keep your torch where you need it.

DIY prescription swimming goggles made with a spare pair of glasses and Sugru

How to make your own prescription swimming goggles

If you need your prescription glasses to see in the pool, this is for you!

Bike light mounted to frame with Sugru

How to mount a bike light to an aerodynamic bike frame

A simple way to mount bike lights to non-standard shaped frames

Jars for growing herbs attached to a window with Sugru

How to make a window herb garden

Bring your garden indoors: let's make a floating herb garden

String lights hung on an outside wall using Sugru hooks

How to hang fairy lights in your backyard

Enjoy evenings outside, even after dark

garden trellis made with hooks and Sugru

No Drill DIY Garden Trellis

Easy, no drill method to make your own garden trellis

shower corner basket fixed with Sugru

How to organise your shower without drilling

Hang up a corner basket in the shower without drilling!

Colourful mugs hung on a tiled wall with hooks made from Sugru

How to make useful hooks in your kitchen without drilling

A new, quirky way to display your favourite mugs in the kitchen.

Make and decorate little storage boxes with Sugru like Fall for DIY

How to make and decorate little storage boxes like Fall for DIY

A pretty yet practical project by super creative Fran from Fall for DIY

Jars for growing herbs attached to a window with Sugru

How to make a window herb garden

Bring your garden indoors: let's make a floating herb garden

Thread passing through Sugru holes on the side of a basket

How to keep your yarn under control

Add Sugru clips to your knitting basket

Stamp kit and Sugru on a table

How to label your stuff with Sugru and rubber stamps

Personalise your belongings — make the right impression

Bird feeder made from an upcycled teapot stuck to a window with Sugru

How to upcycle an old teapot into a stylish bird feeder

Max McMurdo shares a great little project idea for creating a stylish addition to any kitchen or conservatory window.

DIY stand holding tablet

How to make your own DIY tablet stand

Find out how to create a tablet stand you can move around the house

Cables organised on the side of a desk with colourful grips made from Sugru.

How to get your cables under control

A great way to conquer spaghetti cable mountain with Sugru cable grips.

In ear headphones customised with Sugru

How to make custom fit earbuds for your in ear headphones

With Sugru you can get the best possible fit for your in ear headphones.

LEGO minifigures holding cables with Sugru

How to organise your cables with LEGO minifigures

Who knew?! LEGO minifigures hold charger cables perfectly.

Macbook charger with fixed low voltage cable

How to repair a laptop charger

Reinforce or repair the low voltage cable on your laptop charger with this easy guide

Some of sugru's amazing properties


Perfectly bendy, once cured


Sticks to almost anything


Cold resistant

Down To -50°C (-58°F)


Makes slippy things less so


Heat Resistant

Right up to +180°C (356°F)

Soft Touch

Feels great to hold

Strong & Durable

Stands up to extreme weather


Just like other silicone rubbers

see all of sugru's properties

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