Sugru: from art school to 10 million fixed things

Can you believe that the Sugru Community has used our wonder stuff to fix 10 million things around the world? That's a hell of a lot of fixing! 

Think about it - 10 million things that didn't go to landfill, 10 million things that were lovingly saved, resurrected, revived, re-invented and made to work better and last longer. Wow. We've come such a long way since Jane had this ingenious idea back at art school, and over the last few years, an amazing community has grown around Sugru Mouldable Glue - infusing the product with their infectious curiosity, optimism, humour and pragmatism. 

Now it's a real movement of everyday creativity! It's reached a scale that deserves some extra celebration, so we've made a video to tell the story of Sugru. It's not just Jane's story - it's your story, it's our story.  We really love it, and we hope you do too!

Even though 10 million seems like a huge number (and it is!), fixing is still the domain of the curious. So it still feels like we're only just at the beginning of what we can achieve. Some day, Sugru will be in kitchen drawers and toolboxes everywhere, and when something breaks, instead of replacing, it'll be just normal to say "Let's fix it" or "Oh crumbs, where's the Sugru?". It's you and your championing that's creating this more hands-on world.

So if you enjoyed this video, share it with your curious friends and get them started on a potential lifetime of high five moments every time they fix a little problem or do a new project.

Keep on fixing, improving and making - and inspiring us all, one fix at a time.