5 boredom breaking DIY ideas to fuel your child's creativity

Let’s set the scene. The kids are at home, and you want to find a family activity that will keep them entertained and off their screens. Sound familiar? DIY can be a fantastic way to nurture resourcefulness and creativity. The trick is to find DIY projects that are easy enough for children to do (with a little supervision in some cases), and sufficiently rewarding for them to enjoy the experience. We’ve put together some of our favourite projects that will entertain, inspire and spark kids' imaginations.

Terrific toy mash-ups

This will get them inspired. With a little bit of Sugru Mouldable Glue and a lot of imagination, kids can transform their old toys into just about anything. Check out our guide on how to create toy mash-ups. It's a great way to encourage them to get inventive, reuse the things they already have and get them making the things they want to see in the world.

Toy mash-ups made with Sugru

Cute custom bookmarks

We absolutely love this project from Emma, author of Sew Recycled. Use a small amount of Sugru, a length of ribbon and some other bits and pieces to create bookmarks of favourite animals, characters, and other items – in fact, anything kids can imagine. The brilliant thing about this project is it will add to the fun and adventure of reading with kids.

Bookmarks made of Sugru and ribbon

Bring on the bling

Sugru is perfect for embossing, so there is a whole world of creative possibilities when making custom jewellery. From cool chains to rocking rings, all you need to do is pick your design and colour combination and get making. To find out more, check out our easy to follow guide: How to create jewellery from Sugru.

Jewellery made from embossed Sugru

Wardrobe fun for everyone

What do you do with all the toys your child no longer plays with? And how do you get kids to hang up their clothes instead of leaving them in a pile on the floor? This project is the answer to both those problems. By using a little bit of Sugru, you can repurpose old toys into fun clothing hooks. There’s no drilling, no spending money on boring fittings and no toys in landfill, just a fun day picking which toys to use.

Hook made from old toy and Sugru

Eat with educational cutlery

This genius fix from mother and Sugru super-user Helga helped her son to learn his left and right at meal time. Helga says “The cutlery is now much easier to hold for my younger one and the letters also help him learn what goes where on the table, and practise the concept of left and right.”

Cutlery with left and right signs made with Sugru

Have fun fixing and making with your family and don't forget to share your good work with us on Facebook or @sugru on Twitter and Instagram