A few of our creative heroes


Our heroes today don’t wear capes or masks, or even have superhuman powers. For us, they're simply the people who live by the values we most admire. Like thinking independently, turning obstacles into opportunities and a knack for finding the fun in things - folks who pave their own way. There are people in our community who really embody this spirit, and so we thought we'd share a few of them with you!

Imogen Heap - she’s just so inventive

imogen heap musical gloves with sugru

Imogen Heap is one of the most inventive musicians around. She’s an award-winning songwriter and performer, and her albums have enjoyed commercial success in the UK and the US. She self-released her music before it became popular to do so. She’s also the only female artist to have won a Grammy for engineering, and over the last six years has been designing and producing some musical gloves, along with the rest of her Mi.mu team, that allow the wearer to sculpt and manipulate sound on and off stage with gestures. Check her music out over on soundcloud.

The team have used Sugru Mouldable Glue in their prototyping because of its versatile adhesion to enable secure connections and its electrically insulating properties.

Sarah Jones - she drums so great

sarah jones drummer standing by a van

Sarah Jones has a CV that would make any aspiring drummer envious. She’s played for  lots of incredibly successful bands including Hot Chip, New Young Pony Club, Bloc Party and Bat For Lashes. Any interview that you read of hers, it’s clear that she’s a no frills, down-to-earth person on top of being an incredibly talented musician. 

It’s refreshing to see someone be true to themselves; Sarah isn’t confined to fulfilling a particular role in music; she’s experimental in the way she plays the drums and she’s brave in her creative vision. Most recently she threw caution to the wind and started her solo career as Pillow Person, a wacky electro-pop project of her own (and her new video is a must-watch). 

She uses Sugru to fix cables and make hooks because, as she says, Sugru makes for a tidy studio! She’s also about to try out Sugru tipped drum sticks for a bouncy and quieter practice! We can't wait to see how her project turns out. Did we mention she also composed the music for our Meet Sugru video! We’re incredibly lucky to have her as a part of our project. 

Gavan Hennigan - he’s just unstoppable

gavan hennigan by some ice

Gavan is an Irish extreme athlete and an adventurer at heart. Whether it's deep sea diving, climbing in the Himalayas or trekking in the antarctic, he thrives on pushing the boundaries, both physically and mentally. But his life hasn’t always been like this - from a young age, Gavan suffered from alcohol and drug addictions and at 21, he managed to turn his life around. Right now, he's solo rowing across the Atlantic. Gavan's ability to overcome challenges is totally inspiring. Plus, he swears by Sugru - it’s one of the things he chose to take with him on his transatlantic crossing! Oh and Sugru's ability to withstand extreme temperatures (down to -40 degrees!) without cracking along with its waterproof properties make it ideal for outdoor & sport fixes.

Dave Hakkens - thinks big in such a fun way

dave hakkens in his studio

Meet Dave. He’s the guy behind Precious Plastic - a revolutionary idea to provide people with the right tools to recycle plastic themselves. We’re not talking about passive recycling here - this is so much more than that... Dave designed plastic shredding machines, and extrusion and forming machines and shared the blueprints with the world through open source platforms, along with instructional videos, to encourage people to process plastics locally and make new things.

He has traveled the world and seen the devastations of plastic pollution first hand. It’s a massive challenge to take on, and we love his determination, his natural way of collaborating and creating and oh yes his sense of humour!

To learn more about his story and to get involved, watch the video

James Victore - always learning

james victore in front of a chalk board

James Victore has an infectious attitude towards teaching and learning - he doesn’t play by the book. In a world where we’re often taught that failure is something to be avoided, James throws the notion out the window and empowers himself and his students to embrace it: “Even your worst failures are teaching moments that you can share to make yourself stronger and your audience wiser.” He knows this from experience - he failed out of uni and was asked to leave a design school. Well, not only has his work been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, but he’s dedicated the last 20 years to teaching in the classroom, running his own workshops and lecturing around the world. 

Sonia Singh - she gets us all thinking

sonia and her tree change dolls

Founder of Tree Change Dolls, Tasmanian Sonia Singh triggered a worldwide conversation about the suitability of some children’s toys with what started as a side project. After losing her job in science, she began upcycling unwanted or discarded fashion dolls, transforming their high-octane glamour by giving them a more down to earth style. Her goal is to encourage people to upcycle their own dolls and help kids get involved in making their own toys, too. Sonia’s passion for seeing the potential in things that have been discarded by others is so energising, as is her passion for wanting to share her skills with others. 

Her Facebook page garnered more than 400,000 followers and after an SBS Viceland video that initially covered the story went viral, it’s clear that Sonia tapped into a conversation that needed to be had. There was so much interest in what she’s doing that she made a video series showing people how to make their own dolls, too. 

Sonia uses Sugru to add lots of fantastic details to the dolls' shoes! Check out her Instagram page to take a look.

We're so lucky to have such a resourceful and inventive community. It reminds us that what we do wouldn't be possible without you. So thank you and keep doing your thing!